Traditional vs New Media News


Malieka Khan

Now a days people are more involved in celebrity news and gossip than other topic of discussion.

Malieka Khan, Photojournalist

News, this year, has evolved into a completely different subject than years ago. A typical news cast shifts from weather reports, disease outbreaks, economic crisis to celebrity pregnancies, television show reviews, and the latest fads out in the world. How did this evolution occur in the first place, and is it a helpful and innovative change or a useless and unnecessary exposure to simple gossip and bait for people to watch?

Time Magazine created several articles in the year 2008 that ranged from religion stories to book reviews to scientific discoveries. A majority of articles had been skewed in variety not only on the topics of discussion but on the evidence and support for said topics. Meanwhile in 2017, websites like Buzzfeed have not only been on such a viral rise but they have forever changed the influence of news media forever. With their easy to click titles and interesting celebrity news, slowly by slowly other news outlets have been pushed aside. Articles revolving around viral hits, gossip, and the latest trends  have began to skyrocket leaving “traditional” media behind in the process.

“Traditional” media’s response to this, and their only true one at that, was to adapt with said articles and crazes. Therefore, they must have had to morph into articles that transferred from latest elections and hurricanes into celebrity pregnancy stories. Yet, this mostly does affect television media more so than any other type of media as shows such as Good Morning America and Fox News. They have not only began to alter what they talk about, but also the stances they take. Their livelihood is solely based on how they evolve so they have no choice than to try their best to grab the consumer’s attention. With limited time, they must make every  second count since, “People are more obsessed with what their idols are doing so television must be more interesting for them to pay attention” Ashley Payne (10).

As a reaction to this, people are now consuming less and less of the old news that they used to and have themselves altered their perception of these subjects. The idea of old news was in fact interesting to those who watched it, but now after new quicker media has replaced it the old news of what was truly going on in the world has become boring in a sense. Since the people have now moved away from these topics, it is only natural that media will continue to as well as a result of their numbers.