The Season of Holiday Injuries Is Here

Clark Griswold, from awarding winning movie Christmas Vacation, Illustrates the wrong way to go about testing Christmas Lights this holiday season.

Clark Griswold, from awarding winning movie Christmas Vacation, Illustrates the wrong way to go about testing Christmas Lights this holiday season.

Brandon Russell, Editor

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As the holidays are a time for family to come together and treasure the moments in which only the holiday season can provide, It is also a time in which the most fatal injuries occur when doing daily and holiday related tasks. From putting up christmas lights to opening up presents long awaited on christmas morning, CBS local news believes the holidays possess an “increase in patients with hand lacerations from opening presents,” and “an increase in patients sustaining falls because they’re on step-stools with ladders.”


From running around stores frantically to find the perfect gift for family members, to shopping for the perfect christmas tree for the family, Dr. Alan Kaplan, from Plainview Hospital, believes that it is the “careless steps on the rooftops,” and the “imputation of defective lights,” that start some of the largest fires during the months of late November and all throughout December. Lacerations including half cut off arms from trying to saw the tree stump, third degree burns from defective lights, and broken legs from falling off of slippery rooftops, are only some of the fatal injuries that come with the joy of the holiday season.


However, there are many ways in which these unnecessary injuries can become nonexistent. One, is through using the person working at the Christmas tree lot to cut the tree for you. Through having an experienced and educated worker perform the meticulous task, lacerations like mangled arms can become less each day. Furthermore, the resource of hiring professional and experienced Christmas light installers to safely scale houses using harnesses to prevent any sudden falls or missteps. This not only keeps homeowners safe, but allows the task to get done right and with ease. Lastly, to avoid the sudden sparks and fires in which defective lights can bring about, the use of UL lights is proven to avoid such instances were lights can either spark or burst into flames.


While it is the season of giving and thanks, that of injuries are not immune to that of the joyous and carefree holiday spirit. However, it is shown that more than 1,170 homes are caught on fire due to that of holiday decorating. Beginning in 2008, this statistic, according to ESFI is the second most common start of fires other than nature related brush fires. Cole Smith (11) knows the dangers that decorating one’s house can have. For he always receives  “sparks and burns from defective lights,” when getting ready for the holiday season. As of now, the sparks “don’t come as a surprise anymore, they are bound to happen.”


One can not be too cautious when decorating their houses this holiday season. For the season of Injuries is just waiting to strike that of the nation once again.