A Run to Remember

TCS New York City Marathon


New York Road Runners Media Center

Runners cross the finish line at the New York Marathon

Janet Han, Photojournalist

November 5, 2017, was a normal Sunday for most people. Yet for over 50,000 runners, 12,000 volunteers, and 200 New York Road Runner staff members, it was a day they had been waiting for all year. It was the day of the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon.

After all the tragedy and disasters that have taken place across the United States, New Yorkers and people from all around the world were eager to unite under a common goal of finishing the marathon. Olympians, renowned long-distance runners, celebrities, and first time runners all lined up to start the marathon together. Meanwhile, thousands of people gathered along the 23.2 mile course, eager to cheer on the runners together.

Alice Ding (10) followed the marathon closely, fascinated that

“so many people wanted to run such an impossibly long distance”, saying that she “really respect their willpower and perseverance.”

Among the star-studded race was Kenyan runner Mary Keitany, the second fastest female marathon runner in history. Runner’s World provides that she has won the London and New York City Marathons three times each, the world half marathon championship twice, and established numerous world records. Keitany, however, was surpassed by Shalane Flanagan.

Thirty six year old Shalane Flanagan is a three-time Olympic runner and the second fastest female American marathon runner in history. She blazed past Keitany to earn the first place medal with a time of 2:26:53, earning her title as being the first American woman to win the NYC marathon since 1977.

In the men’s race, 24 year old Geoffrey Kamworor of Kenya earned first place with a time of 2:10:53. He was followed by Wilson Kipsang, 35, who won 2014’s NYC Marathon and came in with a time of 2:10:56. Other runners were quick to finish as well, but among the most notable was the 11th place runner.

Meb Keflezighi, a 42 year old marathon runner, managed to earn 11th place despite his age and stomach trouble. He has ran professionally for 20 years, with this marathon being his last. With a time of 21:14:29, he amazed onlookers with his perseverance and endurance (Forbes).

In conclusion, the amazing display of human willpower and dedication was clearly displayed throughout the TCS New York City Marathon. Each runner strived to finish, knowing that they were the lucky few chosen out of a lottery in which over 75% of applicants were denied participation in the massive marathon. According to the official NYC Marathon website, thousands of the runners were running for over 300 charities. Collectively, they earned over $30 million dollars. Together, they proved to be a breathtaking display of the power that people can have once united under a common goal.