Trump Demands Wall for A Replacement to DACA

Update to the DACA Crisis


Trump adds demands to DACA negotiation. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Wayne Chan, Editor

After Trump announced his intentions to end the DACA(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) he gave Congress six months to construe a solution in which to replace its predecessor. Recently, trump added more iterations to the deal (The Hill).

Currently, those in DACA are not under any threat of deportation, however DACA has ceased to accept new applicants, except for those from the hurricane-devastated regions of US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. This suspension of DACA has elicited massive political outcries. Consequently, Trump granted Congress a chance to preserve a remote semblance of Obama-era policies by writing a new legislation in place of DACA. However, President Trump stated that any deal would not be approved only if he receives the funding to construct a US-Mexico border wall. Trump stated in an interview with FOX that in granting the Congress a chance to save DACA-like legislation, he has “to get something in return. And what [he] want[s] is tremendous border regulation, [He] want[s] the wall.” Aside from that specific demand, he vaguely refers to other desires, adding that he is “going to get other things.” He also mentions the penalty of sanctuary cities and other policies regarding illegal immigration.

I want the Wall.”

— Donald Trump, 2017

Trump expressed his desire to move past the DACA and establish a well-functioning immigration system; however, the current course of action has reached a political gridlock as Trump will not waver on his demands of a US-Mexico border wall – something the democrats have been adamantly denying since the very beginning. According to the Hill, Trump already has five prototypes for his US-Mexico border wall, further eliminating the possibility of rescinding his demands. Trump threatened to extend a March, 5 deadline upon Congress should they fail to reach a bipartisan solution (Washington Post). Trump said he was willing to give more leniency in finding a solution for the “dreamers,” unauthorized immigrants entering the country as adolescents and children.

Concerning the recent demands made by the President, Ryan Le(11), says that Trump’s” absurd demands were exemplary of his political pettiness. He would, at the peril of reaching a viable solution regarding hundreds of thousands of humans, force a partisan action from democrats. If Congress acts, he gets what he wants; if Congress does not act accordingly, he absolves himself of the guilt of condemning hundreds of thousands of children.”

Since Trump’s inauguration, he has aimed to abrogate Obama-era policies. These new stipulations to the original deal are simply steps in his spiteful campaign.