Why Does the Media Focus on the Minor Importances that Happen?


Marcio Jose Sanchez

NFL players kneel during the national anthem and people get angry over this minor action

Alyssa Pepito, Photojournalist

In the current period, the world we live in is extremely dangerous and people have to become more cautious and aware of what goes on whether local or far away. However, it seems as lately, the media is trying to hide all the explicit dangers and events which are going on around the world. Especially on social media and news outlets, they focus mainly on celebrity news and unnecessary news that gives no benefit to anyone.

For example, people seem to know and care more about Kylie Jenner getting pregnant. More details are given out and being read about on her pregnancy, yet no one seems to pay attention to the world news and who and what is being affected. People are dying and no one is looking in the direction where danger is striking, but rather away from it. Melody Saba (11) agrees that the media takes the focus away from world problems and “focus[es] too much on celebrity drama and even annoying drama that end up being rumors.”

Another example is the issue on the NFL teams kneeling during the national anthem. Why is this such a big deal to some people? If it does not violently or physically affect people, then do not worry about it. There are more important things in this world such as disastrous events like Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, other hurricanes, and even the horrible shooting in Las Vegas. People get extremely overworked and angered over minor problems. They seem to push away the fact that there are bigger problems which exist and refuse to acknoeledge them more.

What people should be paying attention to and what the media should be putting out there is how to help people who have been affected by the harmful crises that have happened. There should be less gossip which should take up the majority of news articles. Outlets should be able to provide information on helpful organizations and present to their audience donations in which people are able to provide help for others in need.

The media should focus more on letting the world know that there are instead of informing others about what celebrity did what today. They should not sugarcoat stories and let people see the real world and its events like a real news outlet. News should be about what is happening around the world and not solely based around celebrity life and unnecessary drama.