Miss Texas Speaks Out Against Trump’s Actions Towards Charlottesville Violence


Donald Kravitz

Miss Texas being introduced and smiling at the Miss America Pageant 2018

Alyssa Pepito, Photojournalist

Miss Texas sought out to be brave and bold when answering the question asked at the 2018 Miss America Pageant. On Sunday, September 10, the Miss America Pageant contestant felt strongly of her opinions on Trump’s foolish actions and called him out during the question portion of the show.


Margana Wood, who is Miss Texas, was specifically asked about the recent events and activity of the white supremacists around the United States. The pageant judge and editor-in-chief of People Magazine, Jess Cagle, interrogated Wood saying, “Last month a demonstration of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the KKK in Charlottesville Virginia turned violent and a counter protester was killed. The president said there was shared blame with quote, very fine people on both sides. Were there? Tell me yes or no and explain.” Wood then took this opportunity to speak up about the problems which surfaced from these white supremacist attacks and admitted how “[she] think[s] that the white supremacist issue, it was very obvious that it was a terrorist attack. And [she] think[s] that President Donald Trump should’ve made a statement earlier addressing the fact, and in making sure all Americans feel safe in this country. That is the number one issue right now” (Time). It was a well presented and thought out answer. Cheryl Pham (11) agrees and admits that Miss Texas “did a great job speaking out the way she did and let the world hear what needed to be said.” Wood basically implied how the white supremacists’ act was definitely considered an act of terrorism and the media should not erase that from the news.

“Trump’s way of handling the problem of Charlottesville was ridiculous and Miss Texas was correct to call him out on that.””

— Brenda Perez (11)

From her action and response, many people cheered her on both on social media and at the pageant. She received praise for using her voice to speak up about the real issues and thus brought a little more attention to the problems happening in this world, specifically what happens in the United States. By using her voice, it is speculated that she influences young people to follow her and use their voice for the better. It is so important to do so as this generation can then open the world’s eyes to such persistent problems such as racism, discrimination, etc.


Overall, Margana Wood’s simple little action calling out Donald Trump was interesting and captivating. She left viewers with open mouths and showed how important it is for this generation to speak up.