Cancer Causing Ingredients Found In Starbucks Drinks

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Without Starbucks putting their ingredient lists or allergen information online, it has been hard to figure out which chemicals are in Starbucks drinks, but they finally released the list of ingredients and allergens and the information was released that the drinks contain several ingredients that are known to cause cancer. Mel-4 and Acrylamide, which are both  in Starbucks drinks, can be extremely hazardous to anyone’s health.

A study was done by the International Agency for Research on Cancer where they found that Mel-4 caused serious lung cancer in mice. This caused the Center of Science in Public Interest and the consumers union to attempt to convince the FDA to regulate the amount of Mel-4 that is allowed to be sold in drinks but they have not yet become successful according to Food Babe. A high amount of Mel-4 is in the popular fall time drink, the pumpkin spice latte which contains the highest amount of the chemical out of all the Starbucks drinks.

Acrylamide is another dangerous chemical in many Starbucks drinks, but is mainly in the condiments for the coffee, as reported by BoffoSocko. There is a Prop 65 warning sign above the condiments at Starbucks that warns of the health problems that their condiments could potentially cause.

Fast Company stated, “Stanley Omaye, a professor of nutrition and toxicology at the University of Nevada, tells Chemistry World that, based on acrylamide studies conducted on animals, ‘you would have to drink probably over 100 cups of coffee a day in order to get to that dangerous dose,’” meaning that Alcaide will only cause problems for frequent coffee drinkers.

Starbucks isn’t the only large chain coffee shop known to have drinks that are likely to cause cancer. Many other large and small chains including Dunkin Doughnuts also sell coffee with ingredients that are similar or the same and also cause various health problems. Acrylamide is in almost all coffees but in various amounts. Limiting the amount of acrylamide you consume can greatly benefit your health.

Jenee Anekwe (9) stated, “I believe that the release of these dangerous chemicals in drinks is actually a blessing in disguise.” Approximately ninety percent of Americans consume caffeine daily on a regular basis. “Now that Starbucks drinkers know the negative effects that their daily frappuccinos have, they will be more likely to lower their caffeine intake, thus reducing America’s caffeine problem. I am glad that Starbucks has decided to be honest with the chemicals in their drinks.”