ASB Class Election Results


Stephen Serrano

Campaign items

Stephen Serrano, Photojournalist

Here at YLHS, we strive to be leaders in our community and in our school. Those of us who go above and beyond the expectation are represented in ASB. This past week, students voted in the quad for who they believe are the ideal and best-fit leaders. Out of 18 students going head to head for an office job, only 9 have been elected for an officer spot. When asked what he thought about the students running, Ryan Bui (9) responded, “I think all the students running are inspiring, to say the least, and show that you can be a leader in our school, and make an impact.”


ASB class positions are in demand and separate who can lead and represent their grade level. Each grade level has a selection of leaders to choose from. For class elections, candidates can run for President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. A voter can only vote for candidates in their own grade. For example, a freshman can only vote for the freshman students.


During election week, candidates hang up posters to spread the word to vote for them. Not only do they hang posters, but they also pass out other fun keepsakes that spread the word of their campaign. Commonly, some items passed out are pencils, buttons, wristbands, shirts, etc. Popular this year, many candidates created t-shirts and asked their friends to wear them on election week.

In each language arts class, each student watches a video of the candidates insisting on voting for them. On Thursday and Friday at lunch, students are allowed to vote in the quad. After voting for who they think is the best candidate, the results were tallied and posted by ASB. Although the competition was tough, each candidate showed that they can be a leader at YLHS.


Congratulations to the following students that will represent their class for next school year:


Senior Class Board:

Senior President- Sydney Baugh

Senior Vice President- Nathan Yi

Senior Secretary/Treasurer- Isabelle Wong

Junior Class Board:

Junior President- Tyler Padgett

Junior Vice President – Cheryl Pham

Junior Secretary/Treasurer- Maddox Nieto

Sophomore Class Board:

Sophomore President- Darby Rose

Sophomore Vice President- Caitlyn Guntle

Sophomore Secretary/Treasurer- Ava Delaney

All in all, class elections are a great way to get students involved in their representation. On the other hand, Sarah Frazier (9) believes, “I think class elections are mostly popularity contests where the most popular kids win.” Other people think that the best-fit people to represent their class are the most popular because they can reach out to a larger audience of people to get them excited for school spirit. In the end, the ASB class elections persistently get students hyped up and involved in school activities.