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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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Persecution of Jehovahs Witnesses

Persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist May 27, 2017

For the past few months, 175,000 of Russia's Jehovah's Witnesses have been targeted with charges. After several years, of persecution against the religious group, the Kremlin moved to exterminate  the...

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Our 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist May 23, 2017

Yorba Linda High School is proud of all of its hard working teachers and support staff. Out of all those hard working teachers and staff members, it took only one to change YLHS forever. Last, week Ms....

Latest security release from Microsoft.

New Microsoft Release

May 23, 2017

Microsoft has released an amazing update to stop hackers taking control of computers and electronic devices with a single email address. The unusual bug, in Microsoft anti-malware software such as Windows...

Plane crash site in Riverside. Photo courtesy by wthr. com

A Plane Collision in Riverside, CA

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist May 6, 2017

This past weekend, three people lost their lives and two were injured when to a small plane heading back to San Jose, CA from a weekend cheerleading competition at Disney's California Adventure Park...

Zika Virus infections inside a group of cells.

First local child born with defect caused by the Zika virus

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist April 28, 2017

A baby born recently in the county of San Diego is the first in the region to suffer horrible birth defects after the infant’s mother was infected with the virus while traveling abroad. Public-health...

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Behind the Scenes of the YLHS Magazine 2017!

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist March 30, 2017

It seems very rare that a behind-the-scenes of the YLHS Magazine will be revealed. After all, are the secrets of the art of writing and techniques of editing and publishing being unleashed? A good magazine captures...

What are Gluten-Free Diets really doing?

What are Gluten-Free Diets really doing?

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist March 28, 2017

Growing rates of health-conscious families are going gluten free, even if they do not suffer with celiac disease. But new information shows that gluten-free foods can increase your risk for other...

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What a Mountain Fall!

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist March 8, 2017

A landslide the approximately the size of  three football fields in the San Bernardino County mountains was putting several homes in danger, a fire station and a major road used by hundreds of residents...

Fire burning cars in the Disneyland Parking Lot. Photo courtesy of

Fire in the Disney Parking Structure

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist March 2, 2017

It's something strange you would never expect to happen at the happiest place on Earth. At least eight cars caught fire last Monday at Disneyland, injuring park staff officials, causing some immediate...

Photo Courtesy of // McDonalds sign is seen at Via della Conciliazione street in Rome, Italy in front of St. Peters Basilica.

McDonald’s at St. Peters Basilica?

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist January 11, 2017

Over the objections of Roman Catholic clergy and residents near Rome, a McDonald' fast food restaurant opened last week right outside of St. Peter's Basilica.   The restaurant opened at the corner...

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A Winter Fest!

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist December 26, 2016

'Tis the season! The voices of winter are here! The YLHS Concert Choir and Vocal Ensemble are bringing the voice of YLHS into this winter season! Last Tuesday and Thursday (Nov. 29th & 30th), the YLHS...

Pope Francis blessing the Holy Door of the Year of Mercy

The Year of Mercy comes to an End in the Roman Catholic Church

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist November 20, 2016

The door has finally come to its close. On Sunday, November 20th (11/20/16) the Roman Catholic Church closed the door to the Year of Divine Mercy on the Feast of Christ the King of the Universe. The 2016...

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