Behind the Scenes of the YLHS Magazine 2017!


The Odyssey

“Example of collection of data for writing.”

Salvador Martinez, Photojournalist

It seems very rare that a behind-the-scenes of the YLHS Magazine will be revealed. After all, are the secrets of the art of writing and techniques of editing and publishing being unleashed? A good magazine captures what action is taken at YLHS, not by one person, but a team of artist in writing news. An entire team of artists, trained under the administration of Rachel Seo and Nikita Kheni have been hard at work preparing YLHS’s Magazine for 2017. Malieka Khan (9) says, “the date when the work of art comes out has not been confirmed yet, but it will soon come!” It is astonishing how much work is put into this creation by the help of artistic individuals.

The most difficult parts of writing the Magazine and putting it together would be reaching out to fellow YLHS staff & students with very little time. Features, Sports, Musical Art, etc. is planned to be shown in the Magazine of 2017. This is most likely because the young ladies in charge of the Association, Rachel Seo & Nikita Kheni stated at the start that everyone on the YLHS Campus has a mark, and that mark needs to be shown! Behind the scenes is just revealing some small features and works of YLHS!

Some of YLHS’s Newspaper photojournalist like Grace Kim decided to set the spot light on the library and its staff. In order for the process of interviews and putting the collected information together, editors and writers had to create on outline discussing who is going to be interviewed, what it going to discussed, why it matters to YLHS, etc. Before any action started to take place, the Newspaper team meets to take advice and instruction for the editors. Grace Kim (10) stated “I like to work hard, its great to have people who I can learn from, which gave the opportunity to write about the benefits and specialities of the school and the library.”

The quality and effort of students is worth a lot! Behind-the-scences of the YLHS Magazine don’t end there! Photojournalist meet on Tuesdays & Wednesdays to have the editors go through with the photojournalists on what needs to be fixed and what should be done better. Now, this doesn’t mean that’s the end. Once the writers have had their articles checked they have ’til Friday of that week to fixed those minor errors. When all of that is fixed, the article is typed and submitted to the Co-editors-in-chief to be published on The Wrangler, From there, people around the world have access to view Yorba Linda High School’s writings and publications. Students who have a strong field in writing and those who are just getting started will learn from one another like a brother mustang teaching its little sister mustang!