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The Wrangler

The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

Hand holding is a sign of intimacy, and for most people, it can be for both friendships and romance.

Platonic Love Versus Romantic Love

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist May 12, 2022

It is common for adolescents to start dating and exploring their sexuality in high school. Most YLHS students have either been in relationships, or seen people their age “fall in love” with people...

Blue Sky Studios created many childhood classics such as Ice Age, Robots, Rio, and The Peanuts Movie. Even though the studio is shut down, their movies will remain in our hearts forever.

The Power of Childhood Nostalgia- Blue Sky Studios

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist May 10, 2022

Around 2 years ago, Blue Sky Studios, the team that created Ice Age, announced their shut down “due to financial constraints” ( Just a week ago, the studio released a final animated short...

Social media has inspired a lot of Gen Z to find their aesthetic and play around with different styles.

Gen Z Fashion Aesthetics

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist March 24, 2022

Aesthetics are different styles of dress that have been recently popularized within Gen Z. With the boom of social media, more and more young teens are trying to find clothing that fits their aesthetic...

Some school districts have already banned books about race and ethnicity to be taught in classrooms. Even in libraries, the book selection is quite sparse.

Diversity in School Books and Critical Race Theory

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist March 14, 2022

A year ago, a debate about the book Stamped: Racism, Anti Racism, and You, occurred in Round Rock, Texas. This school-issued history book contained many important information about black history, and the...

A lot of young people find the process of raising a child to be a huge burden as they can barely make enough for themselves, so they choose not to bear a child.

The Low Birth Rate Crisis- Why Does the Young Generation not Want Kids?

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist March 14, 2022

In recent years, less and less people are willing to have children due to various reasons. This leads to a low birth and fertility rate in those countries. Many people are aware that overpopulation is...

Many students complain about class being boring, and it is extremely difficult to learn anything if what they are learning is not interesting enough.

Why is School So Boring?

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist March 8, 2022

When asked about school, many students will probably describe it as stressful, depressing, boring, or other negative adjectives. Karena Wong (10) mentions that “I just think it’s not interactive enough,...

It is especially difficult for people who watch a lot of foreign films and shows to find things, so these people, anime fans especially, resort to using illegal sites.

A Tentative Defense for Illegal Streaming

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist January 18, 2022

It is crazy to think that only a little more than a decade ago, cable TV was at its peak, earning millions and billions of dollars for companies all around the world. When I was in elementary school, I...

Will Eisner was the man who came up with the term “graphic novel,” which referred to novels that include both pictures and words to tell a story. From that points the market saw an increase in the production of graphic novels

The History of Graphic Novels and Why They Are Not Well Respected

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist January 13, 2022

In 1896, a comic strip by the name of “The Yellow Kid” made its debut in The New York World newspaper. The comic featured a young boy wearing an oversized yellow shirt, and influenced the term “yellow...

These are some examples of gender neutral clothing that people have been talking about.

Gender in Fashion

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist January 13, 2022

Recently, Target announced that they will be releasing gender neutral clothing instead of gendering all of their products. Essentially, there will be a male, female, and a separate section for non-gender...

Black Friday shopping is like falling through the Alice in wonderland rabbit hole. Once people see the “sale” sign they go through a chain of compulsive spending which drowns most of their savings

Shopping: An Obsession

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist January 11, 2022

Whether or not you enjoy it, no one can deny that shopping is an essential part of everyday life. For some people, it totally depends on what product they are buying. An example would be that some people...

A picture Chocola took when she was in Hong Kong. She arranged the lighting and angle of the picture

Student Spotlight: Chocola Liu

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist December 1, 2021

Since the beginning of in person school this semester, many students, new and old, have been adapting to campus life. One student in particular had to get used to this new school year way more, and her...

The Joker is one of the most iconic villains. There have been a lot of deep dives surrounding his character

Villains: The Good and Bad

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist November 29, 2021

When the word “villain” was first created from Anglo-French, it actually meant “inhabitants of Villa”. Later on, it was used to describe people who performed unethical or illegal behavior. Since...

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