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The Wrangler

The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

Brian Kohberger, the lead suspect for the Idaho state killings, is said to still be held without bail.

Idaho State Murders

Emma Safari, photojournalist January 23, 2023

Murder is not as uncommon in the United States as one might think. In 2020, there were almost 25,000 homicides and nearly 1.4 million assaults in the country (cdc). More recently in December of 2022, four...

The Winter Holidays deserve to be spent with family and friends, and make sure to follow those long standing traditions no matter how over the top they are.

Different Winter Holiday Traditions

Emma Safari, Photojournalist January 9, 2023

Like many, the students of Yorba Linda High School look forward to the winter holidays. During the few weeks off from school, the students can be seen spending time with family, shopping, going ice skating,...

The dangers of fentanyl are real and spreading. Be on the look out for colorful pills that are aimed at imitating beloved Halloween sweets.

Spooky Season and Fentanyl

Emma Safari, Photojournalist December 8, 2022

Fentanyl, a highly toxic opioid that can kill instantly - but what is it? According to the CDC, the original purpose of fentanyl, which is a synthetic opioid, was to treat severe pain ( Typically,...

Car accidents among teenagers are increasing at a climbing rate. Read more to find out why.

Why do Teenagers Get Into More Car Accidents?

Emma Safari, Photojournalist December 1, 2022

Car accidents are a common occurrence. An occurrence that has become more normalized than before. Especially amongst teenagers. It is almost as though the world expects teenagers to be involved in a car...

The myths and legends of these infamous figures continue to live on. Here’s where you can find the origins of some of the more popular spooky stories.

The Origins of the Myths of Halloween

Emma Safari, Photojournalist October 31, 2022

Halloween is a beloved holiday by many. Millions of American children, teenagers, and adults celebrate the holiday every year. So, as Halloween turns the corner, let us dive a little bit deeper and explore...

Diversity is necessary for each and every community. Here at YLHS, the Diversify Our Narrative Club is trying to further educate the students on the true meaning of equality and diversity.

What is Diversify Our Narrative YLHS?

Emma Safari, Photojournalist October 24, 2022

Yorba Linda High School is home to many clubs, one of them being Diversify Our Narrative YLHS. First started by Abigail Lee, the current president of the club, Sophia Kim, gives the entirety of Yorba Linda...

The human nose never stops picking up on scents, this is why smells impact every day life. Smells influence you more than you may realize.

Is Smelling Good a Green Flag? The Science Behind Smell

Emma Safari, Photojournalist October 10, 2022

It is no secret that as humans, we are attracted to and revolted by smells. But the question remains, why? According to, nearly 75% of our day is influenced and determined by smells....

With the popularity of fantasy football on a rise, here’s a quick and easy rundown on what it all means.

Fantasy Football for Dummies

Emma Safari, Photojournalist October 2, 2022

Let us start with the basics and ask the question that’s been on everybody’s mind, what is fantasy football? In simple terms, Fantasy football is essentially a way for players of the game to create...

Federer has finally announced his retirement from the world of tennis. The icon will be forever missed and admired by all around the world.

The Legacy and Retirement of Roger Federer

Emma Safari, Photojournalist September 24, 2022

The world of tennis is losing one of the most influential players of all time. After playing more than 1,500 matches over the span of his 24-year-career, Roger Federer announced his retirement on September...

With their league championship win and first round CIF win, the season continues as the team flourishes!

Yorba Linda Wins the Crestview League Championship and First Round of CIF

Emma Safari, Photojournalist June 8, 2022

For the first time since 2018, Yorba Linda High School’s softball team has won the Crestview League Championships! It is clear that this season was extremely successful for the team. The varsity softball...

Sleep is an essential part of everyday life. It helps promote function and energizes you throughout the day. Don’t skip out on it!

Sleep and the Importance

Emma Safari, Photojournalist June 7, 2022

Sleep is a strange thing. When we sleep for too long, we wake up tired. When we sleep too little during the night, we wake up either extremely tired or extremely energized with a crash throughout the day....

The future for gas powered cars is questionable. Is this the time for electric cars to finally break through and take their place in the spotlight?

The Rundown on the World of Cars

Emma Safari, Photojournalist June 7, 2022

One of the first automobiles, which was the Ford Model T, was made commercially available in the early twentieth century in the year 1908. To modern standards, this gas powered vehicle had a few drawbacks....

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