Spotlight on NHS

The official logo for NHS is displayed on all official membership certificates.

The official logo for NHS is displayed on all official membership certificates.

Lily Rajaee, Editor

Most students are familiar with NJHS, which was the National Juniors Honors Society in Middle School. However, not all students are familiar with NHS and the difference between the two levels of honor. Students, at the end of their Freshman year of High School, have the opportunity to join NHS (The National Honors Society) and become a part of the larger organization.


So, you might be asking, “What is NHS?” In case you are not familiar with the organization, NHS is a national organization that recognizes the top students from  each high school for their academic achievements and involvement in the community. You must submit an application in order to get in, so only members with a record of dedication and hard-work with be accepted into the program.


Once you are in NHS, you are an official member that has responsibilities you must uphold. Members are accepted to participate in the group’s monthly projects, as well as gain NHS hours through tutoring services. NHS members can receive community service hours for helping their peer with their schoolwork in Mrs. Nicholson’s room during lunch or in the library before and after school. Additionally, NHS focuses on building ties with the community and world through their monthly project. Just last week, NHS hosted a monthly project that dealt with the creating of bracelets for US soldiers, while also writing letters to the troops.


For the rest of the year, NHS has organized a series of fun events and fundraisers that ultimately are designed to help students and increase their chances for academic scholarships. The members with the most NHS involvement typically end up receiving the scholarships at the end of their senior year.


What members can look forward to in the near future are participating in an NHS Iceskating Fundraiser, Cookie Dough Fundraiser, and Caroling during the holiday season. In addition to these fun events, the NHS board also hopes to encourage greater enthusiasm and drive in their monthly meetings.


Min Sung Kim (12) said that he is “looking forward to graduating with NHS.” Surely, it is a great honor to graduate with NHS and having the privilege of representing the organization by wearing the sole. Therefore, members who were in NHS since their sophomore year of High School have the opportunity to benefit from their three years of dedication. After all, the only way the the club can function is through the efforts of its many members.