YLHS vs. EHS – The Fierce Rivalry

Both the YLHS and EHS student sections display their school pride as they cheer on their teams.

Photo courtesy of the Esperanza Aztecs and the YLHS Stable Twitter accounts

Both the YLHS and EHS student sections display their school pride as they cheer on their teams.

Bridgette Roberts, Photojournalist

Last week, the city of Yorba Linda experienced one of the most spirited weeks in the entire school year: Rivalry Week. Yorba Linda High School participated in various competitions alongside Esperanza with the hopes of winning bragging rights. This intense rivalry between the two schools did not just start recently; it began the very first year YLHS had Varsity level sports and an incredible ASB. Over the years, however, the heat between the schools has increased exponentially. Beginning in 2009 when YLHS opened, the Mustang-Aztec rivalry has never stopped growing.

The two schools reveal their amazing school pride through several activities and events on and off campus. Both schools had spirit dress up days last week with each day corresponding to a slogan created about the rivalry. Tori Scharkey (12) proudly expressed that “the school spirit last week was unbelievably off the charts. The turn out we got for dress up days, sporting events, and school-wide spirit gives me so much pride in my school.”

Undoubtedly, last week sure was a great week to be a Mustang. However, as “lit” as the Stable was, the Aztec’s student section was energetic as well. The Hut, as it is named, is also led by students and often utilizes colored powder, witty posters, and roaring chants to increase their school spirit. Both schools have outstanding ASBs that work numerous hours to accomplish greatness within their schools. Thanks to them, this rivalry continues to be one of the most exciting parts about attending these schools.

There are many staff members at YLHS that have either worked or attended Esperanza. Despite their affiliation with both schools, they are loyal to YLHS and show their immense school pride on a daily basis. YLHS’s very own principal, Mr. Flynn (Staff), is one of those people. He claimed, “I was assistant principal for one year and principal for nine years at Esperanza. The rivalry has just gotten better over the years with the pre-game rally, the Stable, the decorating of the campus and local businesses, the great can food drive, and the success of our Yorba Linda Football and Coach Bailey. I’m proud to be a Mustang.”

Although the rivalry between the two schools is all fun and literally games, the question has been posed whether it is still a healthy competition or if it has become harsh and offensive. The healthy school rivalry is apparent through the dress up days, Second Harvest canned food drive, sporting events, student sections, and Chick-fil-a fundraiser, where both schools work hard to bring out their ultimate school spirit. As wonderful as it sounds, the tension between the two schools has recently taken a negative turn on social media. Twitter has not only become a means of posting spirited photos and announcements about the schools but has also become a way to bash the opposing school with disrespectful claims.

This remarkable rivalry has expanded so much in the past seven years that it would be a shame to see it abused. Students at both Esperanza and Yorba Linda should strive to respect one another and focus on encouraging their own schools rather than wasting their time insulting each other. The more contempt shown by both schools, the more hate is bred, and the less fun students, staff, and the community have taking part in these events and activities.

Yorba Linda High School thrives off of student involvement. If the Mustangs want the Aztecs to keep “feeling the STANG” year after year, there is only one way to do it: embrace Mustang Pride.