Student Spotlight: Daniel Choi


Daniel Choi

Daniel is one of the top sophomores at YLHS

Isaiah Seo, Photojournalist

Meet Daniel Choi, a sophomore at Yorba Linda High School.  He transferred to YLHS from Valencia, where he attended freshman year.  


Academically, Daniel is top notch.  He is taking all honors classes as well as AP European History, and he is performing great in all of them.  He is a diligent student, working hard every night to study and finish his homework to prepare for class the next day.  His favorite class this year is Algebra 2/Trig Honors with Mrs. Atmadja because he says that “[the teacher] is great and very passionate about teaching math.”  


Daniel was a member of the JV tennis team at Valencia, and he is on the team at YLHS this year as well.  He has been playing tennis for about three to four years, and he is hoping to make varsity this year.  Tennis is his main sport, and he is very skilled at it.  He plays individual tournaments and has made it as far as the quarterfinals in a Satellite level competition.


Daniel also enjoys sports other than tennis.  He enjoys playing table tennis, basketball, and football with his friends, and he is an avid professional sports fan too.  The New England Patriots are his favorite NFL team, and he is quick to defend himself, saying, “I’m not a bandwagoner.  I’ve liked them for a long time.”  He also bleeds red and gold as a USC Trojans fan, since his brother attended the school for undergrad.  Around his friends, he can often be heard randomly exclaiming “Fight on!”  


One of Daniel’s favorite activities to do is to spend time with friends.  He is a very likable, kind, and funny kid.  At school, he can usually be found in the company of fellow sophomores AJ Song, Blake Han, Ryan Lowery, Shiven Rawal, Aidan Azarrafiy, and Troy Hackett.  Shiven stated,

“Well, everyone needs a Daniel in his life.  He’s one of the funniest people I have ever met.  He puts a smile on everyone’s face just because of his good vibes.”


Daniel has a part-time job as a web-page designer for the company Continental Maintenance.  He uses HTML and CSS coding languages to design web-pages.  Even at the young age of fifteen, Daniel is taking initiative and experiencing what it is like to have a job, which is something that not many sophomores can say they have done.
Daniel Choi is a very well-rounded student.  He is intelligent, athletic, likable, friendly, and responsible, all qualities that people look for in a model teenager.