DIY: Healthy School Lunches!

Photo courtesy of the Kitchn.

Photo courtesy of the Kitchn.

Hailee Ramirez, Editor

During the weekdays, it can be quite challenging to eat a healthy balanced lunch when school and homework take up a majority of the day. Of course, buying school lunch may be convenient, but makes having a healthy lunch much more harder with all the unhealthy options provided. Even though almost all schools are attempting to upgrade their lunch systems in order to provide dietary, healthy food options, according to Kid’s Health. It is still not sufficient enough because there is still temptation to choose unhealthy choices, like Nicoletta Fidelis (11) voices “I am always tempted to buy chips or brownies whenever I purchase lunch at school.” Whereas, if a lunch is made at home, having a nutritional lunch is not a problem at all because everything is all ready to go. With a homemade lunch, there is control and variety over the foods consumed for lunch. So, here are a few DIY lunches for school that are more nourishing and easy to make for the hectic school days.


1.Chicken wrap

For this lunch idea, a wheat tortilla, some type of chicken, mayonnaise, chopped celery, pepper, and salt are needed. Take the chicken and mayonnaise and mix it together, then add in the chopped celery, then sprinkle some salt and pepper. After, put the mixture in the tortilla then wrap it up like a burrito and the chicken wrap is complete.


2.Rice cake sandwich

In this recipe, two rices cakes, some type of lunch meat, tomato, and avocado are needed. This lunch idea is as simple as it gets. First, take a rice cake and put some meat on top, then sliced avocado, and then one sliced tomato. Lastly, do the same exact thing on the other rice cake and the recipe is finished.


3.Pita pocket

There is many things to do with a piece of pita bread, but for this recipe the pita bread will be getting stuffed with various types of food. First, get a pita bread and open it in the middle, so it’s like a pocket. Then, take some peanut butter, slices strawberries, and slices bananas, and put it all in the middle. Finally, take honey and drizzle a little on top of the pita pocket. This is a very easy idea and Natalie Kouri (11) even states, “It reminds [her] of the original Pb&J sandwich, but the healthy and nutritious version.”


4.Tuna salad

In this DIY, tuna (canned), mayonnaise, wheat english muffin, green onions, and lettuce are the needed ingredients. First, mix the tuna, mayonnaise, and green onions all together. Then, take a layer of lettuce and place it on top of the english muffin. After, put a spoonful of the tuna salad on top of the lettuce and the meal is done.


Overall, these are just a few DIY’s of healthy recipes to have for lunch at school that are very quick and better than lunch sold at school.