Club Rush Recap

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Neil Bondoc, Photojournalist

On September 20, 21, and 22, every unique club has made a big impact for the rest of the year to come. Students have found themselves gathering in the middle of the quad around the Yorba Linda High School’s horse statue to take part in this year’s Club Rush.

Club Rush is an opportunity for students to introduce themselves and to show what type of club they would like to represent themselves as. “Clubs are a group of people organized for a social, literary, athletic, political, or academic purpose that empowers students to become more involved with the school, community, and social activities that further promote them.” stated Mrs. Runge

In order to take advantage of Club Rush, students should become aware of the process in which they should take to become future members of the various clubs. To begin, everyone should get a feel of all the clubs offered at the school by taking a tour around the quad of each club’s table during Club Rush. This allows students to browse their options and know what clubs are out there for the choosing. If you have any questions about a particular club, do not be afraid to ask the club officers located behind each club’s table. Next, after deciding which club or clubs you want to participate in for the school year, locate that club or clubs’ table and sign up as a possible future member!

Yorba Linda High School offers an abundance of different clubs on our campus. Currently, YLHS offers the following clubs that anyone can become a member of: American Cancer Society, Anime Club, Architect Club, Art Club, Bible Club, Bodybuilding/ Fitness Club, BookNerdz, Catholic Club, Chinese Club, Chess Club, Choir Club, Culinary Club, Design & Manufacturing Club (D.A.M.), Dead Poet Society, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Fashion Club, Filipino Club, French Club, German Club, Hope Club, Interact Club, Japanese Club, Junior Global Ambassadors, Key Club, Korean Club, and We Club just to name a few.

“Club Rush is a great way to get your school year started. One of the best ways to enjoy your high school experience is by getting involved, and you can do so easily with the plethora of clubs our school has to offer,” stated Mrs. Runge. YLHS offers quite a few clubs, and the school’s ASB puts in a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that students are offered with the best possible exposure to all school club opportunities.-