YLHS Boys’ Basketball



courtesy of www.ylncb.com

The YLHS boys tryouts debuted last Tuesday September 6th, in the gymnasium for the 2016 season, hosted by Coach Pietsch.

From all the hard decisions during the tryouts, Pietsch states, “Our tryouts this season were unbelieveable. We had the most players try out ever…at 104. We had to trim our rosters down to 49 players which is a very difficult situation for us. The players that made the roster are promising and now face a long road of getting ready for competition.” “There were a lot of good players and the competition was fierce,” said Jake Miller a tryout participant.

The YLHS basketball team has been working hard and they’re finding new ways to up their game. “We are trying to be a little more aggressive defensively this season compared to seasons past.  You should also see us attacking the rim a little more on offense instead of just relying on 3-pointers as we’ve become comfortable with during the last couple years,” typed Coach Pietsch. Mason Perron a tryout participant states, “Our lineup seems very overpowered.

The YLHS basketball team will be taking on new challenges that they haven’t took in past years. Coach Pietsch states, “This season is shaping up to be our best season yet.  We are excited to be competing in the competitive Crestview League for the first time. It is one of the toughest leagues in Orange County and we’re ready for the challenge.”

The following list of people are players who made it into the 2016 basketball roster:

Sehej Anand                        Brendan Bautista

Luca Chiappini                    Riley Coleman

Nolan Cork                           Quinn Duffner

Omar Elfiky                           Riley Fermin

James Festini                      Tanner Fitch

Joshua Flores                      Garrett Freund

Matthew Gary                       Grant Gast

Brian Holland                       Alex Irwin

Noah Ishikawa                     Brendan Jacob

Paul Kane                             Joel Klinkenberg

Tommy Kneifl                       Will Kneifl

Cory Knutson                       Samuel Kolb

Jax Koren                             Tayvon Lathon

Ross Maeder                        Shaun Maeder

Nick Magarian                      Nathan Martinez

Gavin Martino                       Omair Memon

Alec Mena                             Austin Mena

Jake Miller                            Julian Miramontes

Damian Molina                     Zach Moody

Samuel Mueller                    Nick Murrell

Mason Perron                      Brian Person

Connor Platt                         Brendan Reitman

Chance Sandoval                Matthew Serrao

Trevor Smith                         Jacob Stuart

Zach Weston                        Danon Whitehead