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Fall Movies and TV Shows to Savor the Spooky Season

Em Hagood Jones
As the fall season approaches, people get ready by preparing awesome fall movie nights as a surefire way to get them in the spirit.

As a lover of all things fall, I believe getting into the pumpkin spice season is easy. However, if you are interested in a good movie to cuddle up on the couch that will entertain and excite you for fall, here are some great watches to try out.  


Some personal favorite fall season watches are Gilmore GirlsPitch Perfect, and Little Women. These all give immaculate fall vibes- perfect for a movie night or watching continuously. Gilmore Girls has many beloved seasons, so it is the perfect watch for someone looking for something more long-term. Whenever I run out of ideas of what to watch, I know I can turn back to Pitch Perfect, “the perfect rewatch movie for fall,” as shared by Faith Alam (11). Furthermore, Little Women is beautifully directed and is perfect for a movie watcher with a more classic palette. It tells the story of the March Sisters and their hardships and joys during life in the 1860s. Another fantastic movie that screams fall is Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is an animated movie that also contains real-life lessons and has an interesting plot line that a watcher will love to follow along with. The Harry Potter series is also a wonderful fall watch with enough movies and magic to last the fall season. 


However, I know some people love to skip the fall season altogether because they are so eager for winter. If you are the type of person who starts playing Christmas music when it is very clearly still October, you can try out The Nightmare Before Christmas. This crossover between Christmas and Halloween will entertain fans of either holiday and hopefully get you in more of a fall mood.


For a mystery lover like myself, I would suggest Enola Holmes and Knives Out for a movie that will keep the audience invested and contemplating the next reveal. Naina Brar (11) states, “Enola Holmes was such a fun adventure, and I loved the plot twists,” which shows it is the perfect movie for a fall night full of mystery. These movies spread the fall atmosphere by tackling captivating mysteries that will surely spook the watcher.


If you need a scary movie that will have you spooked all the way through, you can try some classics like the original movie Scream or any of its sequels. You could also try out Halloween or Psycho, classic horror movies. More recent releases for a spooky movie lover could be the Fear Street trilogy on Netflix, which I completed watching in a night. Also recently released was Totally Killer, a comedic spin that crossed time travel and a killer on the loose, sure to keep the watcher entertained. 


Any self-proclaimed rom-com lover must check out classics like Notting Hill or The Princess Bride. I would also suggest the To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved Before trilogy for a rom-com fan. These movies are perfect to watch on a cozy fall night.


I hope you choose your movies and TV shows wisely this fall season and that you have a lot to add to your must-watch list thanks to this list. Have a wonderful fall season full of pumpkins, pie, and many good movies!

Enola Holmes was such a fun adventure, and I loved the plot twists

— Naina Brar (11)

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About the Contributor
Lili Sebestyen, Photojournalist
Lili Sebestyen is a junior at Yorba Linda High School. At school, she is a part of ASB, varsity lacrosse, flag football, and various clubs such as NHS, PTSA, and Dreamcatchers. Her hobbies include painting, playing the ukulele and guitar, reading books, and writing music. She loves to try new things and meet new people. Her favorite activity is spending time with her friends, family, and many pets. This is Lili’s first year as part of The Wrangler, and she is so excited for the coming year! 

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    Milo MartinsonDec 14, 2023 at 7:58 AM

    I love getting cozy in the fall :’)