Student Spotlight: Maddie Cusick


Kim Cusick

Maddie and Jake Cusick giving out food for kids in our community with Higher Ground, a carnival for families who have gone through a natural disaster.

Stephen Serrano, Photojournalist

Hearing the name Maddie Cusick (9) does not ring a bell to many strangers or outside people, but does sound like a leader and friend to the students of YLHS. Just a freshman starting out high school, Maddie is part of the National Charity League (NCL) of Yorba Linda. Not only is Maddie in NCL, but she is also a part of the women’s junior varsity golf team and enrolled in honors classes. Maddie aspires to be a doctor specializing in pediatrics when she finishes school.

As a friend and acquaintance to Maddie, she has shown to be kind, loving, and understanding, which are some hard personality types to come by. Outside of school, she loves to volunteer and serve the community through NCL. Often times she gets community service hours by guiding the less fortunate through organizations like Meals on Wheels and Crittenton House. When asked about what her favorite part of NCL was, she responded “I love volunteering with NCL because I am so blessed with my life already, so I help others to get to where I am right now and I love hanging out with my mom.”

Moreover, Maddie looks up to her mom in her day to day life. Maddie expressed,

“Even though it is a struggle to balance out school work with my extracurriculars, in the end it is all worth it.” 


Apart from charity work, she also is involved with the junior varsity team for golf which is one of her hobbies. Maddie loves to be on the golf team because it gives her time to spend with her friends and to have fun. Women’s golf has been successful in the past winning league tournaments. Currently, the golf team is doing a substantial job while competing against other high schools. Maddie loves golf because, “Golf is a good bonding exercise between me and my dad.”

To top it all off, Maddie is enrolled in honors classes which make her a well rounded student. School always goes on top of her priorities before having fun. She puts endless hours of effort into getting good grades and pleasing her teachers. “Working hard makes it worthwhile because it will lead to a good career of my choice after schooling,” commented Maddie subsequently.

Being a rolemodel for all students, Maddie is known because of her commitment and dedication to the community. Maddie’s enthusiastic joy to help or volunteer for even the smallest things will leave a mark on students in the present and students to come.

Maddie Cusick is a student that is compassionate, hard working, and kind to all people at YLHS, the community, and a friend to all who need help.