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Pumpkin Patches: Made for Everyone

Journey Mou
At Tanaka Farm’s Hana Field Pumpkin Patch, people are able to pick flowers and pumpkins.

Pumpkin patches. They come around every October and pack up once November comes around. Whether it is a memory from childhood or a recent visit to these patches, many reminisce happy memories from them.


Gaining popularity in the twentieth century, pumpkin patches provided amusement where families could visit and children could play. Families could spend time with each other and also do entertaining activities with each other. 


So, pumpkin patches are popular because they bring joy to families, but why pumpkins? The answer isn’t entirely clear, but there are a few theories. One of these was that pumpkins were used in an ancient Celtic festival, Samhain. Many people also believed that pumpkins were a way to ward off evil spirits, something heavily associated with All Hallows’ Eve. No matter the reason for pumpkins, there is no denying the relevancy of pumpkins once fall strikes (Veg Pursuits). 


Teenagers are at the age where they are slowly outgrowing the pastimes their younger selves used to enjoy and moving on to different things. When asked whether teens are outgrowing pumpkin patches, Eleni Patel (9) stated, “No, you are never too old to have fun with your family and carving pumpkins.” With activities like corn mazes, wagon rides, and carnival games, there are still ways teenagers could enjoy their time at a pumpkin patch. 

“No, you are never too old to have fun with your family and carving pumpkins.

— Eleni Patel (9)

With agreement comes disagreement, and in this case, the other side is that teenagers are outgrowing pumpkin patches. One reason for this is that teens want to experience different things. Instead of going to a pumpkin patch with their family, teens would rather go to places like Knott’s Scary Farm with their friends instead.


Some pumpkin patches near Yorba Linda are Tanaka Farms and “The Pumpkin Patch.” Being one of the only patches in Orange County with a real pumpkin patch, Tanaka Farms also offers wagon rides, arts & crafts, and a pumpkin cannon (Tanaka Farms). The oldest pumpkin patch in Southern California, “The Pumpkin Patch,” is another local place to pick pumpkins and enjoy the festivities. Established in 1976, The Pumpkin Patch has a petting zoo full of chicks, bunnies, piglets, and others. They also have gold mining as another activity for people to do (The Pumpkin Patch).


No matter what age range you are in, kid, teen, or adult, everyone can find something enjoyable to do at the pumpkin patch. From inflatable hamster balls to veggie patches, pumpkin patches have this and more.

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About the Contributor
Journey Mou
Journey Mou, Photojournalist

Journey Mou is a freshman at Yorba Linda High School. Though not the most outgoing person in the world, she hopes to join at least one club (or something that gets her involved.) When not doing homework, she enjoys playing basketball, listening to music, and attempting to do art. As this is her first experience writing newspaper articles, Journey Mou is eager to see how she grows from writing stories in The Wrangler. With not much in mind about what to do in the future, she hopes to create memories in high school that can be looked back upon when she is older.

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