Student Spotlight: Cat Baugh

Cat first started photography because she loved the ability to capture the little moments. If she could, Cat would capture every moment with her lens. Her favorite quote is

“My camera collects the laughter that made her heart flutter and holds onto the memory with the arms of a picture frame.”

She is inspired by photographers popular on Instagram and Pinterest, such as Brandon Woelfel. Woelfel’s use of vivid color and bright settings connects with Cat most, since she enjoys shooting candid moments. Moreover, Cat admires Woelfel for his unique perspective when capturing simple moments.

In addition to photography, Cat is highly involved in her church, with whom she served in various mission trips to Africa. Cat has helped in Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Tanzania. Incredibly touched by her experiences, Cat says, “My trips to Africa have inspired me to create my own nonprofit in the future to share the stories of the African community through videography and photography.” In addition, Cat plans to continue to venture to Africa next summer where she will once again volunteer at an orphanage. Of all the places she has visited, Cat says that the joy she receives from spending time in Africa with such happy and grateful people steals her heart every single time, definitely making Africa her favorite place.

A four year member of the cross country team, Cat says what she has learned is “never give up and be yourself, cross country takes endurance, and quite frankly so does life. We must push through hard obstacles that come our way in order to get stronger.” Cat advises skeptics to join a team, although cross country is challenging Cat would never decide to stop as she says, “Through cross country I was able to be myself and be loved for it.” When describing the ambiance within her team Cat responded, “You are stuck running miles upon miles with the same people every day, so the bond between the team is sort of, well unbreakable. We are able to be our goofy crazy selves and it pays off in the end. The miles don’t seem as long.”

Cat’s work was recently recognized in our very own Yorba Linda High School Art Show. Many of her photographs including trips to Africa and portraits can be viewed on her website In the fall, Cat will attend California Baptist University where she plans to major in graphic design.