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Tom Holland & Zendaya: Are They Endgame?

David M. Benett
Tom Holland and Zendaya looking lovingly at each other at the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere in December 2021.

Spider-Man love interests on-screen are known to have a reputation for becoming lovers in real life, such as Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield getting with their on-screen love interests, Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone. While those Spider-Man couples have unfortunately broken up since then, Spider-Man: No Way Home stars Tom Holland and Zendaya have been together for quite some time now. Their relationship has broken the internet since it was discovered on July 3, 2020, that they were a couple. While at the time, people accused their relationship of being a PR stunt, I have always been a strong supporter (and lover) of their relationship. I would, and still do, watch YouTube compilations of cute moments of ‘Tomdaya’ (a play on their names, Tom and Zendaya) and find myself giggling and kicking my feet at seeing them seem so happy together.


Tom Holland and Zendaya were recently spotted at a London park on October 9, walking hand in hand. Just like their many other outings, they look happily in love. As seen in photos, the couple looks lovingly at each other as their walk continues. They look more in love than ever. However, the question has stayed the same ever since their relationship went public: Is the relationship endgame? (Do you get the joke? Because Marvel’s Endgame? Haha!)


If you scroll on TikTok through the hashtags “#Tomdaya” or “TomHollandAndZendaya,” you are guaranteed to see a lot of fans stating that they will not believe in love if the beloved couple ever breaks up. However, I think Tom Holland and Zendaya are one of the rare celebrity couples that will last. Unlike other celebrity couples, the two stay very private regarding their love life. Neither one of them talks or posts openly about their relationship, as they would rather keep it confidential. I think it is very healthy for them to keep this private so that their relationship does not get exploited by the press. 


Sam Davis (12) believes that Tom Holland and Zendaya are endgame, saying that “[she] loves how they met through a movie and the fact that they are still going strong proves that they are endgame.” If you did not know, Tom Holland and Zendaya met through their film process of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy. They played love interests whose on-screen chemistry made it apparent that more was happening behind the camera. Sam Davis also remarks, “if they ever break up, love is not real anymore.”

If they ever break up, love is not real anymore.

— Sam Davis (12)


While some may still argue that Tom Holland and Zendaya will break up sooner or later, I and many others believe that they are truly in love and will never part. We hope that their relationship truly is an endgame one.


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Jennalyn Urquico
Jennalyn Urquico, Photojournalist
Jennalyn Urquico is a junior at Yorba Linda High School. Jennalyn is a very passionate writer who loves to paint stories through words. She has an identical twin sister, a little sister, and loving parents. At YLHS, Jennalyn is the vice president of the club Impacting My Peers As a Christian Teen (IMPACT) and the historian of the Mustang Theatre Company. Jennalyn is also part of Yorba Linda’s Girls National Charity League. She is involved in musical theater at YLHS and has loved singing for as long as she can remember. She loves to read and hang out with her family and friends in her free time. She is so excited to be writing for The Wrangler this year and hopes to write some inspiring and exciting stories for everyone to read!

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