Student Spotlight: Katelyn Walker


Katelyn demonstrates school spirit during rivalry week, by sitting on the poster covered quad which she helped produce.

Anais Gomez, Photojournalist

When thinking of strong leaders one doesn’t usually think of small sophomore girls. The truth is that freshmen and sophomores are often overlooked in high school. Katelyn Walker is one of the strongest leader I have had the pleasure of meeting. Katelyn desires to leave a legacy at Yorba Linda High School and does so by being involved in a plethora of activities including ASB and Junior Varsity Tennis.

What is most noticeable about Katelyn is her vibrant personality; she walks into ASB everyday determined, ready to work hard, and above all incredibly optimistic. Riley Rose (12) comments “She is the epitome of a leader. Her positive attitude on life is refreshing and she inspires me to be a better human everyday!” Katelyn currently serves as Sophmore Class president and has outstandingly put in countless hours of work into brainstorming and executing everything from finding a great DJ to the most minuscule detail as where to place posters. Speaking about her job as President Katelyn says,

“Being sophomore class president has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It’s given me the opportunity to plan rallies and dances such as Olympics and Sadie’s. Even though the planning and organizing of activities is very stressful, I enjoy every second of it.”

Furthermore, Katelyn plans on continuing her role as a leader at YLHS in ASB and says, “I have been freshman class president, sophomore class president, and next year I will be ASB Secretary. My next step is to be ASB President. Ever since I began my journey in ASB, my goal has been to be ASB President.”

When asked who she looks up to most Katelyn answered, “the person who has inspired me most is ASB President Riley Rose. Ever since I was little I have looked up to her and followed in her footsteps. She inspired me to try out for ASB and without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Her kindness and motivation inspires everyone around her. She is my role model and I will miss her when she leaves this year.”

Aside from her commitment to ASB Katelyn is also a valuable member of the Varsity Tennis team here at YLHS. Katelyn started as a junior varsity player just last year as a Freshman. What Katelyn holds most precious about being on tennis are the “new friendships and bonds with [her] teammates.” The tennis team had a great season which was no doubt achievable by the great comradery of the team.

Katelyn is a vital link at YLHS and will undoubtly leave a lasting positive impact through everything she is involved in.