Life is a Journey, Enjoy It!

Yeji Kim, Photojournalist

“After since I became a high school student, my life feels dull and repetitive sometimes,” said Marie Bae (12), “My life basically consists of school, homework, and sleep. That’s it.”


Life as a high school student is not easy. High school students have to deal with overloads of homework, test and quizzes, and extracurricular activities. Therefore, it is very hard for high school students to enjoy their lives and appreciate the beauty around them. However, high school students need to focus on what is truly important and take the time to enjoy their lives now. For this reason, let’s get to know some ways to enjoy life’s journey more!


1. Attend local events

Over different seasons or months, there are numerous local events or festivals where you can meet new people, see musical performances, and get some delicious foods or snacks.

2. Keep a daily journal

Writing every day can help you remember your experiences and great memories. Also, it’s a great idea to write at least one thing you appreciated that day.

3. Be creative

Growing use of technology is changing the way we think and making us think less. Draw a creative drawing, think creative thoughts, or write a creative story and poem.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

It is not hard to get out of your comfort zone. You just need courage to try different things such as volunteering, taking hobby classes, and going to new places.

5. See the sights

There are lots of wonderful sights near you. Go out and explore these places with your friend.

6. Bike and Hike

Hiking and biking are great ways for you to get some fresh air and enjoy amazing views.

7. Give yourself a lazy day.

It is okay to take a break from the world and social media. For your lazy day, do not stress out about anything and have a peaceful, relaxed day.

8. Watch sunrise

Try to watch the sunrise one day before you start your day. Watching the sunrise will put you in a better mood throughout the day and relieve your stress.


As we get older, it gets harder to enjoy life and spend more time with ourselves due to loads of responsibilities and stress that we must burden. We really don’t know how much time we will have in our lives. You should enjoy every day as if it’s the last day of your life because all that matters in life is to be happy.


Life is short, so enjoy every moment of your life, Mustangs!