Hoverboards Banned off Amazon!


Photo Courtesy of Today.com

Hailee Ramirez, Photojournalist

The infamous hoverboard. A two wheel self-balancing motorized board that you can guide anywhere you wish. This is probably one of the hottest and most popular gadgets to have of 2016. Everyone probably got one over the holiday season or are currently asking for one for their birthday. It has been the talk all over social media and Yorba Linda High School.


Of course, many people at Yorba Linda have been purchasing these $400 products without really doing their research on them. According to New York Times, “the device’s lithium battery can generate heat or fire if manufacturers and shippers do not follow safety precautions.” These lithium batteries are used in many electronics though, but if too much of it is compacted in a product, it can lead to explosions. This, of course, isn’t the exact reason for the explosions of the hoverboards. Frankly, there is no adequate explanation or reassurance that the gadget will not create possible catastrophe. Recently, there have been 52 cases of hoverboard fires or explosions that caused over $2 million in property damage, according to CNET. Due to the hazardous incidents that are proven to be caused by the hoverboards, Amazon has completely stopped selling them on their online website. The only product available to purchase on Amazon, pertaining to hoverboards, are decals and accessories,etc. Amazon is supposed to continue with this act until the hoverboard is certified safe by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.


If anyone is still considering purchasing this product, its is going to be quite a struggle to find one to purchase. Not only that, but who wants their house to catch on fire or even get a serious injury because of the harmful effects the hoverboard can have. Even Natalie Kouri (10) voices, “I was considering buying a hoverboard until I heard about the incidents on the news that were so bad that Amazon pulled them off their website.”