2016 Mustang Idol Recap


Marissa Stinnett hugging Marissa Hernandez after the announcement of the night’s winner.

Vanessa Le, Photojournalist

Although Mustang Idol is long but over now (for three weeks), can we please just take a moment and recap the unbelievable talents who graced us with their presence on the Forum stage? The performances that had taken place on the night of February 12th ranged in multiple different genres– from pop ballad Turning Tables sang by Marissa Hernandez to R&B Honeymoon Avenue sang by Gillian Palafoutas. Let’s not forget Operetta Adele’s Laughing song sang by Marie Tobias, and even an original song Mixed Signals composed and sang by Marissa Stinnett!


The board of judges included three, also talented, musicians, YLHS Alumni J.P. Dabu, YLHS Choir Director Carol Gilfoy, and lead vocalist of Retro Soul Michelle Hernandez. With each performance, they gave their opinions and inputs on how to improve about each performance. With such a kind and helpful atmosphere, I’m sure each contestant gratefully took each criticism with ease and positivity.


Each of every nine contestant were able to showcase their talents twice– once in the first act and once in the second act. Although all of the contests are considered such gifted and brave people for going up in front of a full house, Marissa Stinnett (12) was able to take home the 1st place prize of a hundred dollars! She says that she hopes to use that money won to go towards her college tuition, no matter how little it may be. After all, every penny counts, right?


Not only were there performances from nine beautiful students, but there was also a special performance at the end of the night by last year’s Mustang Idol Winner, Fernando Cardenas!


To add a comment from one of the show’s attendees, Riley Rose (12), she said,

“I had such a great time watching Mustang Idol. The amount of talent we have on campus is incredible. Also, I was so lucky to watch my beautiful friend, Marissa Stinnett, win!”

When asked who her top three favorite performers were, she listed,

“1. Marissa Stinnett’s Mixed Signals, 2. Marie Tobias’s Adele’s Laughing Song, and 3. Nicole Ray’s I Need a Hero.”


By the intense applauses and harmonizing hollers for each performer, one can tell that this year’s Mustang Idol was not one to miss.