What a Place to Be!


A treat from the popular venue, Diddy Riese.

Deborah You, Photojournalist

Why go anywhere else when one can go to Los Angeles? From the summer Olympics of 1984 to the red carpet movie premieres on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles offers so many opportunities for fun and entertainment!

The well-known rivalry universities, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of Southern California (USC), are established in this city, allowing thousands of fans to watch rivalry games between the two schools. Students of these schools enjoy going on adventures in Los Angeles, whether it be trying the best restaurants in the city or shopping in old boutiques. A few favorite places that these students love going to are Salt and Straw, an ice cream shop with the most unique flavors, Diddy Riese, an ice cream sandwich shop which is famous for their cookies, the Last Book Store, which has different arrangements and sculptures of books, and many of the fabulous art museums centered in Los Angeles.

The Getty, LACMA, the Broad, MOCA, and the Hammer are just a few of the spectacular art exhibits found in the city of angels. Tourists from all over the world come visit this city to tour the museums and study the famous artists that constructed the sculptures, drew the portraits and painted the masterpieces.

Andy Infante (12) says that “[his] favorite place to go in Los Angeles would definitely have to be Griffith Observatory because of the different sights  [he] can see when standing up on the hill. [His] favorite exhibition is the star section because of the thousands of stars within the dark, enclosed room. [He] also likes hiking to the Hollywood sign because there’s a great trail and amazing view.”

Los Angeles also provides many attraction parks such as Universal Studios and Warner Brothers where one can see everything that goes on behind the television screens at home and experience the journey of movie making, while riding on rides and sometimes if their lucky, meet a celebrity. The city provides different landscapes whether it’s the hills or the city or the beach. One of LA’s most famous spots is Venice Beach, a place where one can relax, go shopping along the coast, or even walk along the boardwalk. On the flip side in the city, the Grove, a shopping center, is where one can go shopping for designer brands, try out unique restaurants or even find celebrities.

With the wide span of opportunities, Los Angeles welcomes its arms to tourists, residents and students alike. What a place to be!