Doing Good: YLHS Red Cross Club


YLHS Red Cross Club signing people up for their first on campus blood drive.

Evelyn Chan, A&E Editor

Chances are, you know what the American Red Cross is. You know, the nonprofit organization aids people in need, whether it be in the face of a natural disaster or in hospitals from blood donations–Red Cross is always ready to mobilize its volunteers to help out.


Fortunately enough, here on campus we have our own local Red Cross club! The club meets once or twice a month at lunch in room 319, and offers its members the best opportunities to get involved in the service of Red Cross. Led by advisor Mrs. Farrell and president Evelyn Chan (12), the board members, Roger Fang (12), Angela Chuang (11), Kulsoom Naqvi (11), Madison Gadbaw (12), Megan Gadbaw (12), Angelica Macario (12), Gabi Moussa (10), and Vanessa Le (12) all work together to bring Red Cross endeavors onto the YLHS campus.


When asked about her experience in Red Cross, secretary Gabi Moussa (10) says, “I owe much of my success and self confidence to the [American Red Cross] and the people in it. It’s a great way to get involved with your community and join a family of probably the best people you’d ever meet.” Let’s take a look at what this amazing club on campus has accomplished.


In 2015 alone, the Red Cross Club has held two campus blood drives, raised over $1,000 for Measles Initiative, and worked hundreds of community service hours for food drives, marathon runs, and other local events. At the two campus blood drives, YLHS Red Cross club was able to collect over 100 pints in total–saving over 300 lives! Moreover, the club loves engaging the campus by participating in the yearly Red Cross Measles & Rubella Initiative, with its goal to  “provide technical and financial support to governments and communities conducting mass vaccination campaigns, improving routine immunization services, and establishing effective disease surveillance” ( In order to compete with its fellow high school clubs including Valencia High School, Beckman High School, and Marina High School, YLHS Red Cross must raise lots of money for this cause. Of course, they know to make the fundraising process enjoyable, and in the past, they have held fundraising events such as A Thousand in A Minute (a minute during Mustang Mix where the entire school donates loose change for the cause), selling the annual Measles pins, and holding the well-loved Krispy Kreme fundraisers. The members can also be caught at local community events like Serve the People, Shamrock N’ Run, American Heart Association’s Heart Walk, and much more.
Coming up in February, the club will once again be fundraising for the Measles & Rubella Initiative. Mustangs can look forward to an ice skating social at The Rinks on Friday, February 5th, a Mustang Mix quick fundraiser on the 18th, and Krispy Kreme donuts arriving on campus on the 25th!