Tips From Teachers: Finals Week

Evelyn Chan, A&E Editor

Mustangs, it’s crunch time. Finals are right around the corner which means it’s time to get cramming and try to memorize everything we learned in the past 4 months–in a couple days. Hopefully you’ve already been diligently studying, but let’s be honest, most of us are probably pulling all-nighters to prepare for finals week. To provide you all with some motivation, I’ve rounded up some advice from the people giving finals–here are the top ten tips from teachers:


  1. “Teachers look favorably upon responsible students who clean up after themselves, so bring a cup to catch your tears during the test, then use them to water the plants withering from the drought.” — Mrs. St. Amant
  2. “Try not to stress out too much about finals, just get a good amount of sleep and have a healthy breakfast!” — Ms. Dagampat
  3. “Do your best and sleep lots! Take the final with a clear mind.” — Mrs. Nam
  4. “I recommend that you start studying as soon as possible and actually take advantage of any study guides that your teacher gives.” — Mrs. Toxqui
  5. “¡Pónganse las pilas!” — Mrs. Nicholson (It’s time to get serious. Put in your best effort!)
  6. “Get a good night of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast–take care of yourself!” — Ms. Ferris
  7. “Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today.” — Mr. Honig
  8. “I’ve got a tip for the finals; don’t come in here all jacked up–get some sleep!” — Ms. Stephenson
  9. “Get sleep and be positive!” — Mr. Walls (G. Walls)
  10. “Take a deep breath and don’t allow yourself to stress about the situation. Keep a level head.” — Mr. Gomez


Our teachers sure know how to conquer finals week. Just as reported by Huffington Post, “Current sleep research actually reveals that it’s smart to sleep! Sleep is an active process where the brain works to heal the body by producing hormones beneficial for repair and growth. This is also the time for the brain to consolidate memories of what we studied and learned that day. Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM Sleep), which happens in the last part of the night, appears to be associated with learning and memory. This reinforces the mantra that you should be getting eight hours of shut-eye if you want the full benefits of sleep.” Moreover, the healthy breakfast is just as important. According to Healthiers, a breakfast made from sugar or starch, such as sugary cereal or a donut, will only keep you fueled for one to two hours. Make sure to have a balanced breakfast, some oatmeal, eggs, fruits, milk, yogurt, etc., so you’re energized throughout the day.
Good luck during finals week, Mustangs! Take some tips from our teachers, and you’re guaranteed to survive.