Olympics Rally Recap

Picture from GoogleImages.

Picture from GoogleImages.

Rachel Seo, Features Editor

The official Yorba Linda High School Olympics kicked off this past Friday on January fifteenth. Replacing Battle of the Sexes as YLHS’ all-school winter activity, the Olympics began with a spirit week leading up to Friday’s rally. During the week, students were asked to wear red, white, and blue, dig out their workout apparel and sports jerseys, and, on Friday, wear their specified class color (red for the freshmen, blue for the sophomores, white for the juniors, black for the seniors, and green for the staff).


As students streamed into the gym and filed to their specified sections (ASB split the gym into five sections, one for each class and the staff), the YLHS drumline’s synchronized rhythm welcomed them inside. After the introduction of emcees Jake Johnson (11) and Katie Geraghty (12), Tori Scharkey (11) sang the national anthem, kicking off the array of performances that followed. Cheer, boasting their YL uniforms, performed dozens of flips and tricks to pump up the crowd for the games and routines to come. Song also participated, wearing glittery lavender dresses to accompany their piece, as well as Dance Team, the members of which were decked out in red, white, and blue jackets and red lipstick.


Filling in the gaps between the performances, however, were the real attractions: the Olympic Games. Although the Olympics itself will be spaced out over the course of several weeks, the classes and staff competed in three activities during the rally: the Ping-Pong Shakeoff, Real Life Hungry Hungry Hippos, and No-Hands Doughnut Eating Contest. Though the competition was fierce, in the end, the staff pulled ahead, gaining an early edge in the competition. Mrs. Shay, yearbook and newspaper advisor and Language Arts I Honors teacher, decided to participate in the No-Hands Doughnut Eating Contest during the first rally after “Mrs. Runge sent out an SOS message [to all the staff].” She won the activity for the staff, beginning the Games on a high note for the YLHS staff members.


The entire rally was spearheaded by ASB members Katelyn Walker (10), Daniela Zirkle (10), and Aubrey Osorio (10), with help from other ASB members, all of whom planned and decorated the entire rally, from the colored lights that surrounded each class sign inside the gym to every corny joke that the emcees threw at the crowd. Although student opinions may vary on whether or not the rally itself was a success, there is no doubt that YLHS has just begun yet another one of its many traditions that will most likely be an institution for the years to come.