How To Accomplish Your New Years Resolutions

Nikita Kheni, Editor-in-Chief

As 2017 comes to an end, many people start to wonder about new year resolutions and goals. Some make extensive lists, while some don’t bother at all, believing they will fail. Every new year, we come up with new goals to bring some change into our lives. Some resolutions are ones that we want to fulfill but never have in the past, and we use the new year as an excuse to put them into action.  Believe it or not, there are many reasons to why it is extremely difficult to fulfill resolutions.

  1. Doing It Alone: When you make a resolution by yourself, you don’t have anyone but yourself to keep you motivated. Find someone to share the goal with and make it a routine to encourage each other.
  2. Sounds Good Resolutions: Many resolutions that we make sound really nice to say out loud but when we try to put them into action, we realize that it is not that easy to actually accomplish it.
  3. Time Management: Sometimes we make resolutions but don’t actually take the time to see how long it takes to accomplish the goal and how much time you need to put into it.
  4. Giving Up Easily: A big resolution breaker is the lack of interest. We lose interest in resolutions after realizing how much effort will have to be put into it. We also realize that we have other priorities in life and we set aside these resolutions.
  5. Lack of Honesty: Make a resolution that you know you will be able to accomplish. Often times, we make resolutions that we don’t think we’ll actually be able to accomplish. Make a goal that you know you will be able to achieve and don’t push yourself harder than you should be.

Some common resolutions that people make are wanting to lose weight, being happier, making more money to make a payment towards something, but these resolutions are not clear enough. Here are some ways that will help you come closer to fulfilling your resolutions:

  1. Ask yourself how much, by when, and why you want to lose, gain, earn, etc.. If you measure what you want, it is easier to be accomplished.
  2. Write down the things you need to do to accomplish your resolutions and make sure to set time aside to help you. Start with small resolutions and work your way up.
  3. Keep track of what you do every day that is helping you come closer to achieving our goal.
  4. Try to not repeat mistakes over and over again because they will turn into a bad habit and before you know it, it will be December 31st again.
  5. Do not quit if you start to fall back. Be patient and build back up to where you started.

Hopefully, this helps you stay on track and attain your goals and resolutions. Happy New Year, Mustangs!