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Spotlight on YLHS Theatre Department’s Technical Crew

The set of Mamma Mia the Musical, Urinetown the Musical, and Into the Woods the Musical;built and painted by the crew.

The dark red curtains draw back, slowly revealing a stage filled with creativity. Spotlights shine on the beautifully crafted set. Speakers surrounding the audience start to hum an upbeat song. The audience, now filled with anticipation, lets out a roar of excitement as soon as they see a familiar actress on stage. Although the actress works hard, she would not be on stage without her crew. But who are these people who draw the curtains, paint the set, strike the lights, or control the audio?

At Yorba Linda High School, this hardworking group of people is called the crew. The crew are the people who control the technical aspects of the show. The “Technical Crew” at Yorba Linda High School controls almost every technical feature in our productions. The Assistant Stage Manager for Yorba Linda High School’s production of Into the Woods, Elliott Large (9) stated, “Having a student-run tech can be difficult because we all have to work together despite our differences. Although a tricky process, by the end of the production it is worth it because of the bonds that tie us all together.” 

Within the crew, there are many jobs that all require hard work and dedication towards the program. For example, being a stage manager requires a great deal of time and passion for the theater program. The stage manager job involves being in charge of all circumstances that happen backstage and the rest of the crew. Being the stage manager usually involves putting in extra hours into the production for the benefit of everybody else. He/She has to make sure that all set pieces get moved on when supposed to, all props are in the right place, all of the actors are ready for the show and in their correct places, and so much more. With the help of the stage manager, the production can run and operate smoothly and efficiently without the audience seeing anything that could go wrong. Even with all of that responsibility, the crew always works their hardest and stays positive. Dakota Larsen (11), the stage manager for YLHS Theatre Company’s recent production of Into the Woods says, “Seeing all of the cast and crew grow from where they all started to the final night of Into the Woods was inspiring and makes me want to work harder every single night!”

Seeing all of the cast and crew grow from where they all started to the final night of Into the Woods was inspiring and makes me want to work harder every single night!

— Dakota Larsen

Along with stage managing, many more jobs contribute to a production’s success as well. The crew of Into the Woods included stage manager (Dakota Larsen), assistant stage manager (Elliott Large), prop manager (Raven Hale), hair/makeup (Sabrina Scarborough), costume manager (Sophia Soliman), crew (Charlotte Schultz and Wyatt Brant), and house manager (Ace Chandler). Without these talented and hardworking individuals, Into the Woods would not have been possible.

The actors and actresses take their final bow on the passion-filled stage, and the audience cheers one last cheer. What no one cheers for is the hardworking crew who made the performance possible. Although not shown in the spotlight, the crew deserves just as much recognition as the actors and actresses. Next time you see a show from the YLHS Theatre Company, leave some spotlight for the students who are in the backstage wings.

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Leilah Huttner
Leilah Huttner, Photojournalist
Leilah Huttner is a junior at Yorba Linda High School. This is her 1st year being a part of The Wrangler. Leilah likes to sing, act, hang out with her friends, and listen to music in her free time. She wants to eventually pursue a career in criminal psychology and live by the coast. At YLHS, Leilah is involved in Theatre and has been in the musicals Mamma Mia, Carrie, Urinetown, and Into the Woods. Her all-time favorite color is orange, which is also her favorite fruit. Leilah loves Yorba Linda High School and is excited about what this new year will bring.

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