It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas


It’s that time of year again… Christmas!! Whether it is baking cookies with loved ones, having snowball fights with friends or spending time with family, each mustang has a different plan for what they are planning to do for Christmas this year. Ariana Stewart’s (12) “favorite part of this holiday is that [she] likes spending time with [her] family and waking up on Christmas morning knowing that [she] has a whole other week of vacation ahead. [She] enjoys going to midnight mass and being able to see everybody together for the holidays!”

Though before you get wrapped up in presents and decorations, don’t forget about how Christmas started… Many think of Santa and stockings when thinking about this season, but Christmas had originated in Jerusalem on the day of birth of Jesus Christ. The virgin Mary and her fiance Joseph had traveled for many days on a donkey, where they were guided by a star to Jerusalem.  When the couple reached the city, they were told that there was no room in the local inn. With a pregnant wife, Joseph found a place to sleep in a stable with animals, within the city. There, Mary gave birth to her son and the three wise men encountered Jesus–giving Him gifts of gold, silver and myrrh.


I like waking up Christmas morning, knowing that I have a whole other week of vacation ahead.

— Ariana Stewart


In addition to the true meaning of Christmas, many movies were based off this holiday season including ElfA Christmas Story, The Polar Express, and Home Alone. Different Television Channels like Hallmark have Christmas movies playing all throughout the month of December in honor of the holiday. Lauren Bui (9) says that “[her] favorite Christmas movie quote has to be ‘the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear’ from Elf because [she] enjoys signing Christmas carols with [her] friends.”

Throughout history, movies and television, Christmas has been known worldwide with hundreds of countries celebrating the holiday. Many cultures celebrate December 25th in honor of Christ, while others celebrate it purely for the joy of spending time together for family. No matter how, or why, you celebrate, Christmas is the time of year to relax, be thankful, and cherish the moments!