Club Spotlight: Muggles of YL

Anais Gomez, Photojournalist

Students and teachers of Yorba Linda High School are excited for the return of Muggles of YL, a club that was created for those who enjoy Harry Potter. The club was first started two years ago by senior Samantha Geraghty and has now returned under the leadership of seniors, Kendall Mahoney (12) and Kenny Garcia (12).The term “Muggle” refers to a person lacking any magical ability.

The first meeting began with introductions of the board and followed with the separation into the four houses: Gryffindor, led by Kyra Stevens (12), Hufflepuff, led by Kenny Garcia (12), Slytherin, led by George Abdallah(12), and Ravenclaw, led by Kendall Mahoney (12). Each House is distinct through certain characteristics of its members: Gryffindor, the most known of the houses, is known to be based on bravery, courage, and friendship; the foundation of Hufflepuff is loyalty and honesty; those with cunning and ambition belong to the house of Slytherin; members of Ravenclaw are known to be wise and witty. The meeting continued with a challenging Harry Potter ultimate fan quiz, consisting of a series of specific questions that earned points for the correct answer’s house.

Upon starting the club the board longed for a promised game of Quidditch that never happened when they were members two years prior. This year, the board assures that the entire year will be leading up to the Quidditch match that will include “broom sticks, dodge balls, hoops, and someone dressed up in a yellow morph suit with a tennis ball attached to their back to resemble the golden snitch.” The winner of the Quidditch match will receive a “secret prize,” said president Kendall Mahoney (12).

During club meetings the houses will be in competition, and will be receiving points for member attendance, and dressing up in house colors. The club will fundraise for their end of the year competition, by selling buttons provided by Mrs. St. Amant with each house logo on it. The club also expects to have a bake sale which will include the sale of butterbeer, a delicious drink made only in the wizarding world.