Body Positivity: Redefining “Beautiful”

Vanessa Le, Photojournalist

“Everyone struggles with body image issues at some point in their life. Women and men and everyone in between” (Huffington Post). From stretch marks to cellulites to acne to body hair. Everyone has different opinions and definitions of what body positivity really is. “The lens through which you see the world ultimately determines how you’ll define body positivity” (Everyday Feminism). To Catherine Canfield (12), body positivity is being comfortable in your own body and embracing your flaws and attributes equally. To me, it is described as the ability to come to terms with yourself and loving yourself rather for who you are and not what you look like.


Not only are so many people today are quick to judge others on appearances, but they are also quick to judge themselves because of what society decides is “beautiful.” Magazines, no thanks to Photoshop, and top models are the main sources of people’s envy for a nice bod. It’s as if you didn’t look a certain way, then you couldn’t live a happy life where you are content with yourself.


On the flip side, many popular brands throughout the world are starting to notice this and are realizing that this is totally not okay. Brands like Aerie and Dove have “embraced body positivity by banning photo shopping in their advertising campaigns” (My Fashion Cents). Models like Tess Holliday and Robin Lawley are taking the media industry by storm and are redefining what “beautiful” actually means.


These critically-acclaimed brands and recognized models are simply trying to send a message to their buyers and fans, to you: looks aren’t everything. Your appearance is not what is going to help you make your future what you dream of; it’s your personality and your will to strive for success. The only way you can live a happy life is to first accept yourself and love yourself for who you are. That’s the mindset that society is starting to adopt, and that’s the way it should continue to be in the future. How do you define body positivity?