Chick-Fil-A Does it Again!

Hannah Kim, Photojournalist

Chick-Fil-A is admittedly one of the friendliest establishments. Ever. employees always have a smile on their faces, always say the signature, “My pleasure!” line whenever a customer says thank you. But, Chick-Fil-A employees in Raleigh, North Carolina really took it to the next level with the one of a kind Chick-Fil-A hospitality.


Sheree Carter has been working at her local Chick-Fil-A for nearly 8 months. After months and months of living in shelters and temporary housing, she was able to move into her first apartment with her two kids just last week. But, without Carter’s knowledge, her fellow co-workers decided to lend a helping hand and extend their generosity to Carter and her children.


Carter’s co-workers had all chipped in some money in order to furnish the apartment. They helped purchase a dishwasher, dishes and many other house warming furnishes to Carter’s apartment. Carter even claims that her co-workers most likely did not have any knowledge of Carter’s living conditions because she really tried to not show it; therefore, further enforcing the idea that the kindness from her fellow co-workers was not simply out of sympathy, but out of genuine love and care for Carter and her family.


Darrena McCulloh, Carter’s boss said that her and her workers knew how hard Carter worked to provide for her and her family in order to give her children the best life she could offer them, prompting the generous home furnishings.


Carter’s story is not just another “feel good” story, her story actually does much more than that. Carter’s story highlights the growing epidemic of homelessness in the US, especially families with children. The number of homeless children has sadly surged over the past years and has now reached a devastating statistic of 1 child out of every 30 people is homeless. This statistic devastatingly high.


So Mustangs, what can you do to help make this number go down and possibly help out a family like Carter? There are many feed the homeless programs that do help many of the homeless. There are also many programs right here at YLHS that go around and help the homeless. Everything helps, whether it is going out and feeding the homeless or simply donating clothes, food and money. No donation is ever too small.