Kids Do Adult Jobs Better


Lancaster firefighters

In this May 26, 2015 photo, Lancaster Township Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Glenn Usdin, left, holds the kitten that was rescued with the help of 6-year-old Janeysha Cruz in Lancaster, Pa. Firefighters were too big to rescue the kitten from a storm drain, so with the permission of Cruz’s mother, they lowered the kindergartner nearly 3 feet into the storm drain to coax the kitten out. (Brett J. Fassnacht/Lancaster Township Fire Department via AP)

Hannah Kim, Photojournalist

The youth of America holds the future of America in the tiny palms of their hands. The older generation’s job is to foster innovative and brilliant minds in order to ensure the stability of our future. So, it was honestly no surprise when a 6 – year – old did a better job at being a firefighter than an actual firefighter. “I read this story and was so inspired!” Lillian Nasr (11).


In Lancaster, Pennsylvania a 6-year-old girl ironically came to the rescue and finished the job of firefighters. Firefighters responded to a 911 call put in by the mother of Janeysha Cruz, and her friends, who had claimed to have seen a kitten in distress.


A kitten was trapped in a storm drain in south-central Pennsylvania but, alas, the firefighters who had come to rescue this furry little kitten proved to be too big for the job. The firefighters were unable to squeeze and wiggle into the storm drain in order to rescue the little kitty. But, fear not, Little Janeysha was the perfect size to rescue the kitten. After Janeysha’s mother had given the OK, firefighters lowered the little girl into the storm drain, a perfect fit! In the drain, Janeysha was able to coax the frightened kitten to come to her, and was able to be pulled out form the storm drain. “I think I would have been a little scared to have to go down a storm drain, how brave of her!” Kelly Fagan (11). 


6-year-old Janeysha had “saved the day” and proved to many that no matter how big or how small, everyone can make a difference. So Mustangs, let’s stop using the same excuses like, “Oh I’m too young” or “Oh I’m too small”. Let’s get rid of all those excuses and prove to everyone and anyone that no matter the size, shape, or age, anyone can make a difference. There is no act too big or too small, because it is the consequence of all the little things being added up that makes everything worth while. So, let’s go out and show everyone what students at Yorba Linda Hugh School are capable of.