Club of the Year!


Lily Rajaee, Photojournalist

Yorba Linda High School has of a great variety of clubs and student activities around campus. These clubs range from educational, community service, religious, or recreational topics that bring a certain group of individuals together for a common cause, each unique in their own way.

Every year, the school’s ASB and administration recognizes one club for their stellar involvement and activity throughout the year. They choose the club of the year by considering which club has been the most active throughout the more recent times. They look at how many members participate in each meeting, the feedback generated from the members, and what the club has accomplished in their time together. Shannon Cahill (12), commissioner of clubs, further explained, “We picked the club this year based on how active it is on campus. All of their club paperwork was filled out on time and without any issues. They also have a ton of members and hold tons of meetings with numerous activities to keep the club members active throughout the year.”

This year German Club had the privilege of being awarded the 2015 Club of the Year Award! This club truly deserves this award due to their massive participation in exciting activities this past year. German Club meets about once every month in Frau Mueller’s room, where the members have the opportunity to spend time together while participating in various fun activities. For instance, German Club hosted an amazing cookie party during the holiday season, where they shared and enjoyed hundreds of cookies! Additionally, St. Nicholas made his annual appearance to the German club meeting, taking pictures with all the eager members. Likewise, German Club generously hosted a pizza party for all the German members while also featuring soccer games on the smart board! Another meeting embraced German culture by serving Spezi, a special soda that is made from a mixture of cola and orange soda. These are only a few of the numerous fun events German Club hosts. German club members definitely have a blast while attending these meetings. Clearly, German Club has hosted a variety of activities throughout the year.

Therefore, German Club is a well-deserving group to receive the Club of the Year award. Frau Mueller describes, “Being awarded the club of the year meant so much to me because it honors the hard work of my officers and the enthusiasm  of our members. We always try to create a ‘German bubble’ during our meetings and I think it shows that we succeeded.” Congratulations to the Deutsch Club advisors, officers, and members for their great achievement and recognition!