What Do We Do? We Run, Run, Run!

Heres just one of the many fun runs available for you to participate in!


Here’s just one of the many fun runs available for you to participate in!

Kiannah Dole, Photojournalist

Ah, running! Whether you love to run or despise it with a burning passion, it is undoubtedly an excellent way to get exercise and stay healthy. Running has now become even more thrilling and exciting through what are commonly known as “fun runs”. To clarify, fun runs are non-competitive running events where individuals and families come to participate for enjoyment or to support specific charities and organizations. Even if you hate to run, several fun runs offer you the chance to simply walk to entire race; this means that you can still have an absolutely splendid time and get in healthy exercise.


Are you wondering whether or not you should join in on the fun? Well, surely each of you Mustangs can find one that fits your interests! Just take a look!


The Color Run : Held in over 50 countries with more than 300 events, this untimed run is 5 kilometers of pure fun as you – dressed in white clothing – barrel through clouds of vibrant paint powder with a smile painted onto your face!

Bubble Run : Created to bring out your inner child, this 5K fun run allows you to run, walk, dance, or play through foam bogs and walls of bubbles in an array of colors. This event may even bring you back to your classic memories of sudsy car washes with family and silly bubble beards in the bathtub! Caitlin Hui (10) comments, “My favorite part of the Bubble Run was being drenched in the super colorful bubbles. It was really fun to participate in because it actually made exercising fun!”

Donate Life Run/Walk : Annually at Cal State Fullerton, the Donate Life Run/Walk gives you the options of running or walking 5 kilometers or 1 kilometers. This year it is being held on April 25, 2015 to celebrate the last days of National Donate Life month as well as educate and inspire the community about the importance of organ and tissue donation in saving lives.

Relay For Life : Hosted by the American Cancer Society, this event is created to provide an opportunity for “everyone in communities across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember the loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease” (www.cancer.org). Donations made through this event are used towards making a difference in the lives of those who are currently fighting cancer.

The Electric Run : Blinking, glowing, and shining lights combined with the beautiful darkness of the night makes The Electric Run a sight to behold. A regular 5K course is transformed into a nightclub with fluorescent fountains that flow to the music’s rhythm, glowing neon columns and arches that change colors to beat of the music, and tunnels with funky patterns and colors galore.


These descriptions are just a small taste of the kinds of fun runs that you can experience! Other local fun runs include the ShamRock ‘n Run, Disney’s Tinkerbell Half Marathon, Superhero Scramble, The Bad Prom Run, The Zombie Run, and The Slime Run. Hope all of you Mustangs out there try some of these events out and run with the stampede!