Spotlight: YLHS PTSA Student Leadership

Nicole Truong and Evelyn Chan

With the ASB elections this week, there is a large focus on the student leadership organizations and opportunities here at YLHS. Most, if not all, students know about ASB, a student leadership class that plans many of the school related events. However, only a few know about the other student leadership group here on campus: YLHS PTSA Student Leadership.


Under the direction of parent advisors Janis Heckel and Marnie Jenican, YLHS PTSA Student Leadership is a leadership group of about 130 students here on campus. In this organization, students plan several events, such as Mustang Pride Day and the Kinship Center Toy Drive, as well as attend several leadership training opportunities and other social events, such as the annual trip to Disneyland. The purpose of the PTSA Student Leadership Group is to make a positive difference in our school, community, and world through our philanthropic endeavors while learning and being leaders.


Once a month, this student leadership group meets after school to discuss and plan the events for the upcoming month. Most of the time, students will create thoughtful projects to thank the teachers for their hard work or to wish them a happy holiday of some sort. Moreover, the students learn to work together in order to effectively carry out service projects to benefit the school and community. Students also plan all before school events for the staff, such as the teacher breakfast day or cookie day.


PTSA Student Leadership is a wonderful leadership opportunity for several students and also allows those from every grade level to integrate with others and meet and become friends with many new people, all while developing as a leader. PTSA Student Leadership Secretary Marissa Stinnett (11) states that, “PTSA Student Leadership is an amazing program on campus that allows students to not only put in the time and effort to better YLHS through community service, but it also creates marvelous leadership opportunities for its members. What is so great about this group is that each student is able to find his or her own niche in order to create the best experience for the campus, the students, and the staff.”


For those who wish to be a part of a tight-knit, productive organization, outside of ASB, PTSA Student Leadership is a wonderful option. Several lasting relationships between peers or between students and staff are formed, all while carrying out the PTSA ideals and developing as a leader. When asked to summarize his time spent in Student Leadership, PTSA Student Leadership Executive Vice President Jace Jenican (12) reflects on his years in the group, saying, “PTSA Student Leadership is full of fun and rewarding experiences! We not only learn how to be better leaders by serving the community and the school, but we also have fun doing it with annual trips to Disneyland for a leadership conference. Being in this group is one of the best decisions you can make!” Outside of ASB, PTSA Student Leadership is another fantastic leadership organization and a wonderful opportunity for those who want to become more involved in the school.


If this article has sparked your interest in joining the YLHS PTSA Student Leadership Group, applications will be out online and in the office in September, so apply to be part of the 2015-2016 Group – for the experience is truly worthwhile and the opportunities are endless. For more information, visit the YLHS PTSA Student Leadership Group web page at, You don’t want to miss out on one of the greatest possible experiences in your high school career!