Prosthetic Arm: $80,000 vs. $350

Prosthetic Arm: $80,000 vs. $350

Hannah Kim, Photojournalist

The game has changed for the prosthetic world. 19-year-old Easton LaChappelle has changed the world for the better. Young Easton has made himself fundamental in the shifting of technology. He has developed a new and improved functional prosthetic arm, combining his knowledge in robotics along with 3D printing.


Easton actually started his prototype as a curious 17-year-old who just had the desire to help change the quality of lives, after he saw a 7-year-old girl with a crude version of a prosthetic arm for $80,000. He created his first prototype only using legos, plastic tubes, and fishing lines. He continued to further develop this new and improved prosthetic and achieved his first legitimate prototype when he was only 19. Even today, Easton is still continuing to proliferate his model, utilizing HP Sprout. His prosthetic is truly revolutionary for the medical world.


Instead of Easton making a patent for his prototype and selling it to the medical community, Easton decided to put his model out into the world for free so that anyone can manufacture, refine, and repurpose his prototype prosthetics. Although he has given his model for free, he is is still continuing to work with many manufacturers in order to make further developments in the technological and medical industries.


The path that Easton LaChappelle is treading is truly inspirational figure in society, and has given many the push to follow in his footsteps and help contribute to society. We as Mustangs, must fully use all of our potential and talents, and put it towards the greater good, and hopefully help to create a truly revolutionary utopia. We have the power to change the world. We have the power to create. We have the power to put our dreams into actions. We are Mustangs, let’s show the world what we’ve got.