Summer Songs on Repeat


Courtesy of Tatum Steward

Screenshot from a summer playlist made on Spotify including listed songs.

Tatum Steward, Photo Journalist

Although I am practically a country hater, ‘Simple’ isn’t so bad.

— Isabella Colin (11)

With summer right around the corner, before you know it we will be driving down the coast, windows down, music blaring. So, to help you get in the swing of things, you must begin creating song playlists that emulate the summer feeling. As a music junkie myself, I have provided several song suggestions that, in my opinion, are must-haves to add to your summer playlist for fans of a variety of genres. 

Without a doubt, summer provides some of the best days… and others simply “good days”. SZA’s “Good Days” is possibly one of the best feel-good songs I can think of for summertime. That first musical intro reminds me of the birds chirping on a warm summer morning before you get ready to drive to the beach. “Good Days” is a perfect first song on any summer playlist to truly kick off the season. 

Growing up my dad always played “Amber” by 311, and ever since hearing it, I have added it to nearly every single summer playlist that I have made since. “Amber” has a sort of energy that very few other songs have. Lots of other reggae songs also encapsulate that summer energy as well. 

Now this genre may spark some controversy: Country. In my opinion, certain country songs have such a force during the summertime that really put me in the mood. Songs such as “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” by Luke Bryan capture the summer essence that we all crave. The lyrics are the epitome of a classic summer day, including lakes, tank tops, and shorts, and having nowhere to be. Moreover, for those not so inclined to country music, but still like the summer flare that it gives, the song “Simple” by Florida Georgia Line is a perfect balance. “Simple” is quite literally that, simple. Even the non-country fan, Isabella Colin (11) states, “Although I am practically a country hater, ‘Simple’ isn’t so bad.” I find that this song still has country influence, but may not be hated by a crowd full of country haters. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, “Marcel” by Her’s has possibly one of the beachiest instrumentals of any song I can currently think of. The song literally makes me feel as if I am driving down PCH, windows down, hair blowing in the wind. It has such a positive vibe that is absolutely mandatory for your summer playlist. 

In simpler words, “Good Days”, “Amber”, “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset”, “Simple”, and “Marcel” are all must-have songs on any summer playlist that you plan on creating for this season. I highly encourage building onto these recommendations and using these songs to help decide which genre you align with.