The Ultimate Summer Bucket List


Caitlin Vizzone

Sunset on the port at Catalina Island

Lucy Lu, Photojournalist

The smell of ocean air and the feeling of summer breeze is just around the corner. With free time on our hands and possibilities away from our regular everyday schedule, there is so much to be done in what many of us consider to be the best months of the year. When summer begins to feel boring, people tend to feel like there is nothing to do except sit in their rooms and watch TikToks all day. To combat that, here’s what I would consider to be the ultimate summer bucket list to live out your teenage dreams.


1. Get rid of things that make you stressed and anxious 

This could be an item you own that gives you bad memories or simply doing things for yourself to help relax. It’s hard to have fun and let loose when you are overthinking. Options include giving yourself a mini spa day by taking a bath with a face mask or two or even writing down all the things that you want to let go of onto a plate and throwing it for it to all shatter. Pro tip: that one is extra fun to do with friends and a lot easier to clean up if you place the plate into a Ziploc bag before throwing it. Sierra Paz (9) a student at YL also suggests that electronics (yes your phone) be put away for once in your life. “Take a break from social media and stay present”. 


2. Visit the ocean

Living in Yorba Linda gives us close access to so many amazing beaches such as Newport, Huntington, and Laguna, so make sure to take advantage of it. Running into the ocean with friends and family is a must-do summer activity I’ll never get tired of. It’s a fun bonding experience and makes for some cute Instagram photos in the process which is always a plus. But there’s so much more to do while at the beach if the ocean isn’t quite for you, for example: Take a stroll and visit the shops along the piers of Huntington, do some shopping at Balboa in Newport, get gelato and visit the little art museums in Laguna, or set up a net and play a classic game of beach volleyball with your friends. There are just endless options for what you can do at the beach.

Take a break from social media and stay present

— Sierra Paz (9)

3. Travel somewhere new

California is filled with so many different adventures to be had, so travel somewhere new. This doesn’t have to be that far away either. Take a trip to Santa Barbara and enjoy the ocean air, seafood, and visit the historical buildings. Solvang is also not far; it is a city full of Danish culture, adorable shops and buildings, and great food. Or, if you’re more of a calm and relaxing vacation person, then consider taking a drive up to Lake Tahoe where you can hang out, swim, or read next to some of the clearest water in California.


4. Make a new friend

This one sounds scary, but it can be one of the most rewarding experiences. With there being so many other teenagers you might run into at the mall or even an amusement park this summer, you can reach out and make conversation with someone; you might just find yourself with a new friend. Great conversation starters include: “Dang, don’t you also think the lines feel extra long today?,” or simply just complimenting someone’s outfit.


5. Take advantage of the outdoors

With all of us being indoors for a great majority of the year, going outside and enjoying the outdoors can be very healthy. This can be as easy as taking a hike or going on a trail. There are so many great sites like mountains, forests, and beaches. Use this time during the summer to appreciate what we have outside of our everyday indoor environments.


This list is what I would consider to be the ultimate summer bucket list with lots of space to add or subtract different activities to your liking. Reminder to still keep up with summer school work even though it does suck at times. With only a few more weeks of school left, summer is so close to us, so push through and we will be having the times of our lives soon. Make sure to stay hydrated and protected from the sun during your heated adventures (wear that sunscreen while tanning) and have the best time!