Best Places to Eat at The Source

The Source in Buena Park offers a variety of bites, desserts, and drinks. A Korean potato-mozzarella corn dog.

Noelle Wu, Photojournalist

The Source in Buena Park is a popular hangout and meal spot for all ages! Filled with gift shops, clothing shops, stationery shops, makeup stores, restaurants, cafes, and more, the outdoor mall generates about $184,126 in annual revenues. This is due to the large inflow of customers, who tend to gravitate towards the savory snacks, fun desserts, and drinks. Xenia Lee (9) expresses how much she loves going to the source because of these factors, saying, “I always enjoy spending time at the Source because of the abundance of things to do!”

I always enjoy spending time at the Source because of the abundance of things to do!

— Xenia Lee

To begin, Myungrang corn dog presents a menu packed with an abundant mix of different kinds of corn dogs. The variety is astonishing – who knew there were so many types of corn dogs!? The flavors range from potato-mozzarella corn dogs to corn dogs made of black squid ink. The option of topping the corn dogs with sugar is a combination that many choose – the blend of salty and sweet flavors compliment each other and produce a salty-sweet snack guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. 

Mealtop Cafe and Brunch in Orange County opened June 1st, 2019. Bringing traditional Korean shaved ice flavors, many found comfort in the classic ingredients of soft shaved milk, condensed milk, braised red beans, and warm, chewy rice cakes. The flavors range from original milk to melon strawberry or even milk tea! However, the traditional Korean shaved ice called bingsoo is not their only specialty; Mealtop Cafe even offers dessert pancakes and toasts, as well as expressos, teas, and lattes. 

Opened in 2017, The Bakery is located on the first ground and delivers fresh baked goods to shoppers! The family-owned corporation prioritizes appearance just as much as flavor, taste, and quality. One item on the menu, the strawberry chiffon cake sandwich, features two pillowy sheets of chiffon cake sandwiching rich cream and sweet strawberries in the middle. 

Planted right in the center of the Source, Overflo welcomes customers as soon as they walk in. As of May 2023, Overflo partners with the Good Neighbors Project to put aside a portion of their profits to be directed to underfed children in vulnerable places. While many know Overflo for their soft serve ice creams, their menu includes a wide range of desserts and drinks such as gelato waffles or buns, cream pancakes, coffees, teas, lattes, shakes, and ades! Savory foods such as bowls filled with salty meats, rice, vegetables, and noodles also accompany these sweets on the diverse Overflo menu.

These are just a few of the amazing places The Source has to offer. Being so close located in Buena Park, The Source is definitely something to add to your bucket list of places to visit!