Some Grande (Big) News In The Entertainment Industry


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A leaked photos of Ariana Grande in her Glinda costume on set of the 2024 Wicked film.

Mylie Brown, Photojournalist

One of the most popular Broadway musicals of all time, Wicked, is currently in production for an upcoming movie adaptation and is set to be released in late 2024. This film is incredibly anticipated by fans worldwide and has already received much attention in the media, especially regarding its cast.

Cynthia Erivo will be taking on the role of Elphaba, initially played by Idina Menzel. Many fans are excited about Cynthia being cast due to her powerful vocals and incredible acting skills. Audiences trust her to bring the complex character of Elphaba to life on the big screen, and there is little controversy about her being cast. Alongside Cynthia, Ariana Grande will play the adored and iconic character of Glinda. Since Ariana is one of the industry’s most famous and respected singers, this has brought much attention to the production – good and bad. While many fans were initially excited at Ariana’s casting, many were nervous about a pop star’s version of Glinda. 

With so much attention put on the film by Ariana, fans have jumped at any opportunity to hear how her voice will sound in the film. A few video clips have been posted – some of these videos being leaked and some being posted by Ariana herself – of the star singing “Ozian” songs. A TikTok of Ariana’s, where she sings Judy Garland’s “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” received 8.5 million likes on the platform and many positive comments, shocked at her new vocal style. Kristen Chenoweth even duetted Ariana’s cover of the song, supporting her fellow Glinda.

Although Ariana has attracted so much attention to the film set to come out in over a year, video leaks from the set have added excitement and anticipation for Wicked. One video recently posted by Entertainment Weekly on April 17th has proved to skeptical Wicked fans about Ariana’s worthiness of her role. Many even questioned if it was even Ariana singing in the video or if she was merely lip-syncing to Kristen Chenoweth.

As a person who has admired Ariana Grande and is involved in the performing arts, I am thrilled to see her perform in this iconic role.

— Katie Ruoo (10)

In addition to the leaked videos from the Wicked set, fans have noticed changes in Ariana Grande’s appearance and persona online. In the past, Ariana Grande was known for her long, dark hair – typically tied up into a ponytail – and her edgier image. However, in the past year, she has completely changed her image online and dyed her hair to be blonde. Ariana’s appearance has changed so much that fans have become worried and concerned about her health. Thankfully, the singer has confirmed she is doing the best she ever has and is in one of her healthiest states.

Katie Ruoo (10), a massive fan of many musicals and an aspiring actress, shared her thoughts on Ariana as Glinda. Katie stated that “As a person who has admired Ariana Grande and is involved in the performing arts, I am thrilled to see her perform in this iconic role. Since Ariana started her career in the Musical Theatre realm, I am so excited to see her re-explore this genre. Ariana has talked about how the role of Glinda had been a dream for her, and to see her finally get to give her interpretation of the character is truly extraordinary.”

Overall, despite negative comments regarding Ariana being cast in the film adaptation of Wicked, it is undeniable that she is perfect and possibly even born to play Glinda.