A Galactic Escapade: Exploring Disneyland’s Star Wars Month


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A picture of the famous Star Wars Land: the definition of a fantasy brought to life.

Arya Banerjee, Photo Journalist

Disneyland has never failed to enchant its fans and visitors with extraordinary events, and this time around it will be just as spectacular as the rest. Star Wars Month is an event that will blow people’s minds and even please those who are anti-Disneyland. This celebration of the cherished Star Wars franchise is going to dazzle guests with lightsabers, droids, and intergalactic adventures. Disneyland’s Star Wars is an epic adventure and a dream come true for everyone, even non-star Wars fans. The details of this epic event are unforgettable, let’s check them out. 


Galaxy’s Edge is considered the most notable attraction of Star Wars month. It will be a main attraction for most since it is the centerpiece of Star Wars month. This highly detailed interactive space land will do much more than satisfy your eyes, it will also transport guests to Batuu, a Star Wars planet and outpost on the galaxy’s edge. Then, guests will get to meander through the marketplace of Black Spire Outpost in fascination as they buy food and special intergalactic drinks. Even more, guests can get personal with custom lightsabers and droids. 


Next, The Jedi Training Academy will make every little kid’s heart burst with excitement. It’ ‘s an interactive experience that trains people the way of the Force and even has a face-off against the dark side. Children can train with lightsabers under the guidance of certified Jed masters. The finale: a faceoff against Darth Vader or Kylo Ren. This experience is an unforgettable one and is guaranteed to certify the next generation with the way of the Jedi in a way that will satisfy their imagination for a lifetime.


There are also lots of opportunities for entertainment. People will be able to see firsthand the clash of lightsabers. With classic Star Wars music, advanced visual effects, and fireworks, there won’t be a dull moment. And who could forget the March of the First Order Parade? It will be a stunning show, with stormtroopers led by Captain Phasma marching through the land and patrolling the intergalactic streets. Even more so, there will be multiple chances for fans to meet their favorite characters through meet-and-greets, shares Emily Soto (10).  


Disneyland’s Star Wars Month will be anything but a disappointment. This spectacle is a one-of-a-kind celebration that provides a unique hands-on experience for guests and immerses visitors in the extraordinary universe of Star Wars.  Whether you’re training to be a Jedi or witnessing the march of the stormtroopers, Disneyland’s Star Wars Month is an unforgettable adventure and will be a great opportunity for you and your family to create cherished memories that will last for a lifetime. 


May the force be with you.