Taylor Swift Eras Tour ideas


Taylor Swift Eras Tour outfit ideas for Swifties!

Simran Vaswani, PhotoJournalist

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour started just last week! It started in Glendale, Arizona and the next stop was Las Vegas Nevada! Taylor has been blazing through cities and the LA swifties are getting prepared for August, when she ends her tour. To most concerts, people just wear jeans or whatever they feel comfortable in, but Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have changed that. 

In the 2018 Taylor Swift Reputation Tour, many fans showed up in outfits that corresponded to the lyrics of the songs she was singing. For example, people came in crowns for the song “King Of My Heart” and some swifties dressed up as jokers for the song “Call It What You Want”. The current tour though is all of her albums, so it provides a wide variety of options to wear.

Firstly for Taylor’s debut album, I personally would wear a country style dress, denim jacket and boots. I would also curl my hair to match her album cover.

Taylor Swift’s first album she released in 2005.

 Next for Fearless there are few options. You could wear a Junior Jewels shirt with glasses (from the you belong with me music video) or you could wear a yellow dress with tassels (like what Taylor wore to her Fearless tour). Speak Now is simple, just a purple dress would be sufficient for this album. Red is an album with a lot of outfit ideas. Some sillier ideas include a “crumpled up piece of paper” or even a refrigerator because those correspond to the song “All too Well (10 minute version)”. Of course you could also just wear red. Another idea would be to wear something similar to what Taylor Swift wore during her Red Tour, a white shirt that says “Not a lot going on at the moment” which she wore when she sang the song 22, and is also famously in her music video. After Red was the album 1989, and there are not many outfit options. One idea is a pink skirt and pink top which is similar to what Taylor Swift wears during the Eras Tour.

Reputation was a very easy era to dress up for and I loved it!

— Savannah Cheng

Savannah Cheng (9) at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour on March 24.

Reputation is a very popular album that has many outfit opportunities. For example, Savannah Cheng (9) said that “Reputation was a very easy era to dress up for and I loved it!”

Savannah wore a variety of jewelry, including a snake arm band, rings, and necklaces. She wore a black dress and black sunglasses as well.

Lover is an easy era to dress for, all you need is pink and hearts! Folklore and Evermore are a little harder. Long skirts or flowy dresses and flannel are ideal, and of course you can’t forget the signature side braid! The most recent album, Midnights, is easy to get all bejeweled and bedazzled. Dark blue is a great color for midnights and of course stars are also related to midnights. 

There are 10 different eras to dress from, and all are unique in their own way. The concert is only a few months away, so it’s time to start picking out an outfit!