Blooming beauty and the sneezing season


Hundreds of gorgeous flowers around Yorba Linda that are thriving after the rain.

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist

Couple weeks of downpours has brought plants in California full of vitality. One of the most beautiful things that happened is probably the super bloom. According to, the last super bloom was four years ago in 2019. Many visitors come around the hillsides to see the pleasant beauty of yellow, orange, red, and purple wildflowers. The bees and butterflies were overjoyed, as if they were in heaven, flying in countless fresh delicacies and brines, hoping that time would stop in this moment forever. However, for people that are allergic to the pollen from flowers, this is not good news.


During the springtime, when plants and trees all begin to bloom, allergies are significantly common. “In many areas of the United States, spring allergies begin in February and last until the early summer” (


Spreading pollen in the air is important for plants and trees to reproduce. But for people who have allergies to pollen, they might suffer from sneezing, runny nose, itchy skin, and dry eyes, common symptoms of a pollen allergy. One of the student in Yorba Linda High School came to school with swollen eyes, her friends thought she had cried at home the night before, but the truth was only that she have a pollen allergy so she is unable to keep her eyes open the morning. Another YLHS’s student mentioned, “I don’t have any allergies but my sister does, she is allergic to cuties (mandarins) and whenever she had cuties her arms would have a rash.” Megan Wang (9)


“Seasonal allergy symptoms are not life-threatening, but people do miss work over them” ( What can you do when you see your friend or family are getting allergic reactions? First, find out what they are exposed and allergic to in order to avoid those allergens. Second, offer them tissues or warm water; drinking water can help flush allergens from the body and tissues will help if they have a runny nose. Moreover, some body lotion can help relieve itches. Lastly, if their allergy symptoms are bad, ask if they have medication to relieve the symptoms. The allergies can be serious sometimes, so if they are not responding or have really severe allergic reactions you should take them to the emergency room.


Seasonal allergies are very prevalent, so be sure to care for those around you who have them. By caring about them, you can develop a closer connection with them and make them feel better.