Introduction to Fall Sports


Emma Perron

Yorba Linda High SchoolSchools faces Lakewood High School and outfielder Jackson Mangi (12) makes an amazing catch to end the inning and save his team from getting scored on.

Emma Perron, Editor

It is Springtime, which means the last season of high school sports is coming. Our Yorba Linda High School spring sports are Men’s Volleyball, Women’s and Men’s Lacrosse, Softball, Baseball, Men’s and Women’s Swim, Track and Field, men’s tennis, and men’s golf. These sports work beyond hard to prompt our school the best they can.


Our track and field program has always excelled in everything they do and each event. We have many talented people, from boys and girls, from frosh to JV to varsity. The track is always out practicing after school for many hours, and they even work on the weekends or early mornings and do it rain or shine. With determination and hard work, our program always represents our school in all the events, sprints/hurdles, jumps, throws, and long distances. A track sprinter and hurdler, Olivia Yackey (12), expresses, “I love track because it is a sport that not only makes me grow as an athlete but as a person. I have been running since freshman year and fell in love with it, and I am so excited to continue this passion of mine in college. This team is filled with such a much encouragement and is truly a family.” 


The following sport for men and women is swimming. Our swim program has always been a close-knit group that acts like each other’s second family. Whether in the pool or out on the pool deck, they work hard and have fun but effective practices. Many of their meets at the beginning were canceled because of the rain, but it never stopped them from improving themselves, and our school is excited to see what they can do this year. 


Our last men’s and women’s sport in spring sports is lacrosse. Our men’s lacrosse team is only varsity, but they have such talented boys who work hard to try to win every game they can. They are constantly practicing whether it is late at night or not. Our men’s lacrosse program is like a family but can get rough. Lacrosse can be a wild and competitive sport, but our school team takes the challenge like champs and always crushes their competition. 


Our women’s lacrosse team is a fierce competitor, but the rules for men and women differ. Our women’s lacrosse team is consistently winning battles, practicing hard, team bonding, and having fun while being a fierce team for people to compete against. Our women’s team is strong-minded and fearless and wants to win every time they step onto the field. They started practicing early on to get the team chemistry starting, which has helped a lot during the season to be like a family. 


Swing, Set, Bump…our men’s volleyball team is ready to start the season and to take down every opponent in their way. So much hard work, practice, dedication, and talent will put the guys ahead of most teams. The team has many different players who contribute to their success; they all need to work together to achieve winning; they are such a close group of boys who want to make all their hard work pay off. The program is performing well with great coaches and players and making our school proud. 


The last two sports are similar but very different. Softball and BaseballBaseball are in the same family but are two different sports to love for various reasons.


Our women’s softball program is workhorses who always know how to work hard and have fun. With long practices of hitting, catching, and scrimmages, they are ready to take on the season with dedication and love for the sport. This team is always relying on each other on and off the field. On the field, each teammate needs each other to win the game or at least try their best to compete. 


Our last spring sport is BaseballBaseball. This game can take 2 hours, but the boys are competitive at the games and practice. They are always trying to improve each other and themselves. The rain has been a problem for this program, but they always find a way around it so they are always in the best place they can be. This program is like one big family with the coach’s support and the players always wanting better for one another, but having fun is what it is all about. They have so much talent and a lot to showcase this season. 


Another sport that is big around the school is men’s golf. This program is like a family, no doubt about it. As much as they all support each other and help improve, it is more of an individual sport than a team. With practices going on for hours and matches that can take a lot of time, these boys have the patience and the skill to get them far ahead of others. Men’s golf works so hard all year to prepare for golf season at the end of the year. Their dedication to this sport is unlike any other, and they are constantly making Yorba Linda High School proud. 


The last spring sport for Yorba Linda High School is men’s tennis. This is a team and individual sport; whether they are playing singles or doubles, they are always rooting for each other. Men’s tennis is out in the hot sun hitting back and forth to expand their skills and to get better for the matches ahead of them. The coaches help the players to reach the best they can to help represent what Mustangs are all about. 


Good luck to all our spring sports this 2023 season; these programs are talented and have much to offer. We can’t wait to see what you do and make Yorba Linda High School proud as always.